Merry Christmas: Part 2!

So I got my white Christmas but not by it snowing because it is downright pouring rain right now.  Jason Maker was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Saturday so his whole family could be there.  IT was so awesome and it truly helped me see the true meaning of Christmas could not have asked for a better Christmas.  Christmas is about families and The Maker family looked so happy and they deserve all the blessings they have received.  Cool story after the baptism I was talking with Jason and he was so happy and knew Heavenly father is proud of him.  This family is awesome and they are excited to be sealed in the temple together for eternity. I am so humbled and cannot believe that I a so lucky to be here and to serve the lord and be that instrument in his hand. I am grateful that he came and that he was more than willing to suffer for me I am so grateful for the book of Mormon it is true and it helps us love the bible so much more.  I know that we have a living prophet who guides us to become more reconciled to his will.  I am grateful for trials and hard things while they are not fun but deep down we can receive hope and faith that he lives and help us every day.  I love you and thank you for your love and support I Have so much to be grateful and will eternally grateful for y'all.  Have a Merry Christmas! And an even better new year!!!!!
Love Sister Erica Browning


Merry Christmas Part 1

Hey y'all I hope this email finds everyone well and happy! Things for me are great and the work is really moving along. Jason Maker is going to be baptized this Saturday:) and the whole ward is so excited and have done a great job of fellowshipping him and making him feel at home but as always there is opposition in all things 2ndephi 2:11 and Jason got really sick last Saturday and could not come to church and he is still sick so pray he gets feeling better.  It is going to be a crazy week we have so much to do it seems like before he is baptized but I know it is in the lord’s hands and it is his will so I do not worry much. Aaron who came last Sunday got antied and scared and does not want anything to do with us anymore :( but I know that I did all I could and it is not yet his time but the seed has been planted and he will one day be ready.  On Friday we had district interviews and it was just my district with President and Sister Holm and it was sweet to be in a small group like that it made me feel more special. A pretty cool experience from yesterday was we did not have anyone at church but we committed a less active to come but he didn't his name was Walter and so during the first speaker my awesome companion had a thought come to her that we needed to go out in the hall way and look for Walter.  so she told me and I said lets go after the speaker and so after the first speaker was done speaking we went out and walked around and nothing then she saw our elders in our district and she thought lets go and ask them if they have seen Walter and right as she walked over Walter walked up to the building. HE CAME!!! I was so so happy and was so glad that my companion followed the spirit.  On Saturday we were had planned to go and see a less active and so I typed in his address in the gps and when we got there we realized it was not anywhere near the less active we had planned to see but it was another less active and so we decided to go and try to see them and we met Caren who is the daughter of the Less active and she told us the story of how when the Greenville ward spilt a couple months ago the ward lost contact with her and so no one has been over to see her since then and she was really upset and mad at the church and so was Caren but we were just nice back and polite and by the end she was way nice and cool and wanted us to come back to see her and her mom. It was a pretty good mistake that turned miracle we plan to help her and her mom fix the issues and get them back to church where they belong.  This week is going to be crazy but I know I will love it I hope your Christmas week is great and full of happiness and joy and sharing. Till next time
Love Sister Browning

Busy Week!

Ok so much has happened this past week it is amazing I do not know where to start so many miracles have happened and I am so humbled to be able to be a part of all these wonderful things that are happening.  Monday we got a phone call from the lady Cheryl we helped move out of her apartment and she was talking about how grateful she was that we came and that she was praying for someone to come and help her but no church she went to would help her and then the next day we came and she knew we were true representatives of Jesus Christ and we made sure the missionaries were waiting for her when she got to Georgia so she could get the help she needed there and she said on Monday that she was going to go to church because she felt like this is the church Heavenly Father wants her in and so yesterday afternoon we got another phone call from Cheryl and she was talking about the experience she had at church and how she has never felt like that before and she is going to continue to go because she knows it is right.
Thursday we were totally led by the spirit so I forgot to put gas in the car the day before and so we felt like we needed to go and fill the car up with gas and when we got there we saw one of our investigators there getting gas too. and we went and talked to him and he just had a rough day and so we were able to give him comfort and it is cool because he decided that he needed to go back to where he came from Connecticut and so we would not have ever seen him again but we were in the right place at the right time to be with him and testify of the book of Mormon and encourage him to read it and give him hope.  Then a few minutes later we meet this man who investigated the church years ago and loved it but he moved and lost contact and he had in his car all the stuff missionaries gave him and we were able to talk to him and get his info and help him so he can learn more and find the missionaries where he lives which is in Texas.
Friday: It was our ward Christmas party and we had been inviting people to come left and right and we had two investigators come one was Keith who is just the sweets guy when I invited him he asked me if it was a date and I told him no but there was going to be food there but he came and loved it and we were able to give him a tour with an awesome member of the ward who really fellowshipped him.  The other investigator was Avian and her two daughters Slysse who is 6 and Ava who is 2 and Avian is so awesome she knew she needed a new life so she packed up her things in Vermont and moved to   Greer all alone she is so awesome and met so many awesome people who she really connected and the primary kids really fellowshipped her daughters and by the end of the programs they were all sad it was over and are excited to come back and learn more but the thing with Avian is that she works on Sundays so that is an obstacle we are working on but she is wants to come back which is a good sign.
Sunday the best day of the week we had 4 investigators come to church two of which we have been working with for a while but the other two came on their own. One who is Aaron he has really been struggling lately and knows he needs a change so one member invited him to come and see our church and introduced him to us which we were very happy to by the end of church Aaron flat out said I need to change and want to and this is the best place to be I know that so what do I need to do.  I was so stunned and grateful and scheduled an appointment to come and teach him.  The other investigator is Jason Waldrop who came with his member dad and he too has had a hard life lately and asked if we could help him.  Then on Sunday evening we had an appointment with an investigator who has been investigating since he was seriously 5 years old but he just has been anti and not interested until he was humbles a couple months ago and last night he said that he know he need to be baptized and wants to be baptized on Dec 22.
The church is true this work is so awesome go out and serve people you never know the impact you will make on one person Thank you for your prayers and love they are felt and needed thank you thank you thank you have a great week I love y’all and know ya’ll are in my prayers as well
Love Sister Erica Browning

Happy Thanksgiving!!

So I got the call I am leaving Florence surprise surprise. I have mixed emotions because I love this place and it has a special meaning to me it is where I first started my mission and now I have to leave it but then I am so happy because now I get to go and experience somewhere else new and meet all sorts of new people and have all sorts of experiences.  This past week has been awesome that it is not a coincidence I know it was Heavenly Father telling me my work was done and he shown me that.  On Tuesday we had an appointment with Emily who was having a rough time a couple weeks ago but we told her that if she read the book of Mormon that everything would be ok and after we left she read the Book of Mormon and she felt the spirit and everything that went wrong in her life went right and she knew it was because of the book of Mormon and the church and she wants to be baptized on Dec 15 I was very humbled.  We have been working with a part member family the McGee and we have been focusing more on the mom who is a member and we were talking about all the things she has been doing and I was amazed to hear the she wants her daughters to be baptized and she asked how to help them get there we told her that we would help her.  She has progressed so rapidly and I know great things are going to happen to her and her family by making the choices she has.  On Sunday to top it off we had two investigators come to church one I did not expect because he has health issues and I never thought he would come that day but he did his name is Calvin and he loved it and is now having us teach his nieces and nephew the gospel because he wants them to have it in their lives. I definitely learned and grown a lot especially the last six months I learned of how much this is Heavenly Fathers work and how little I do contribute as a missionary in peoples conversion the lord is preparing constantly people who are ready to know this gospel and we must continue to strive to recognize them and be prepared to give them something that will make them happier than anything else.  Sorry this is a little short but I am so humbled to have been in Florence and will miss it with all my heart but things go on and I know that Florence is in good hands and future missionaries will have lots of work to do because of how awesome and prepared Florence is.  Can't wait to tell y'all where I am till next time.
Love Sister Browning

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!!


Sad to Leave!

So I got the call I am leaving Florence surprise surprise. I have mixed emotions because I love this place and it has a special meaning to me it is where I first started my mission and now I have to leave it but then I am so happy because now I get to go and experience somewhere else new and meet all sorts of new people and have all sorts of experiences.  This past week has been awesome that it is not a coincidence I know it was Heavenly Father telling me my work was done and he shown me that.  On Tuesday we had an appointment with Emily who was having a rough time a couple weeks ago but we told her that if she read the book of Mormon that everything would be ok and after we left she read the Book of Mormon and she felt the spirit and everything that went wrong in her life went right and she knew it was because of the book of Mormon and the church and she wants to be baptized on Dec 15 I was very humbled.  We have been working with a part member family the McGee and we have been focusing more on the mom who is a member and we were talking about all the things she has been doing and I was amazed to hear the she wants her daughters to be baptized and she asked how to help them get there we told her that we would help her.  She has progressed so rapidly and I know great things are going to happen to her and her family by making the choices she has.  On Sunday to top it off we had two investigators come to church one I did not expect because he has health issues and I never thought he would come that day but he did his name is Calvin and he loved it and is now having us teach his nieces and nephew the gospel because he wants them to have it in their lives. I definitely learned and grown a lot especially the last six months I learned of how much this is Heavenly Fathers work and how little I do contribute as a missionary in peoples conversion the lord is preparing constantly people who are ready to know this gospel and we must continue to strive to recognize them and be prepared to give them something that will make them happier than anything else.  Sorry this is a little short but I am so humbled to have been in Florence and will miss it with all my heart but things go on and I know that Florence is in good hands and future missionaries will have lots of work to do because of how awesome and prepared Florence is.  Can't wait to tell y'all where I am till next time.
Love Sister Browning

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!!



Hey y'all!! I love being a missionary!!!! There is no greater call than to be here in South Carolina especially in Florence. The transfer is almost over and it is so crazy because it feels like I have only been in S.C for two months but I have been here for six months that is just bizarre and unbelievable because I do not feel as mature as I should be as a missionary but yet I feel like I have learned so much and I love it. I am amazed at how much Heavenly knows me and that he really does answer my prayers. I have a tendency to be a little stressed out especially when it comes to having investigators come to church. So this past week I have been praying so hard to have one investigator come and Heavenly Father answered my prayer, a former investigator came to church Joe Dunn and the funny thing is that we did not contact him at all that week to invite him he came by the spirit which is the lesson that I have learned over and over. Being stressed out is not of the Savior it is the quite opposite and I cannot force everyone to make the choice to join the church (even though I would like to) but that is not part of his plan. It is his work and everything we do is by him and the spirit and I just have the privilege to watch how the spirit works in people. I was very humbled seeing Joe at church and seeing how much Heavenly Father helps us and that he loves me and knows I am giving my best to help these people come closer to him I know that I am not perfect and nor can I ever be but that's ok because he does not expect us to be perfect. On Thursday we had an appointment with a lady named Emily Alfred and we have talked a few times before but on Thursday she was telling me that I knew her daughter and as it turns out her daughter was an investigator that I taught months ago and now we are teaching her mom and hopefully will be picking her back up but she is a very humbled lady who is struggling and is ready to accept this gospel. So Mitt Romney lost and this past week I will admit it was fun to use to our advantage because so many people had sympathy on us because he lost (no worries I never get political but I do use it to my advantage) A lot of people are mad and hurt but we go in there and miraculously change the subject to the gospel which is fun but we have had ear fills with the election go figure. Well I am great tried but great and am so happy and can’t wait to see what Heavenly father has for the next year. I hope all is well and y'all are getting ready for the holidays thanks for the prayers and I hope you have a great week. :) <3
Love Sister Browning

Happy Halloween!

Hey y'all I hope this email finds everyone well and happy things in Florence are great as always. Time is just flying quicker and quicker this transfer is half way over and it feels like it just started and I feel more and more overwhelmed because there is so much to do especially in Florence. But as I always say sharing is caring and I cannot do everything that needs to be done in Florence as much as I would love to I know that I can't. This past week has been so great besides all the wind and cold which I can live without. Anna we lost we do not know if she is out of town or avoiding us we do not know for sure but keep her in your prayers she is so sweet and deserves this gospel. Today we are going to start teaching Zoe Moore who is Jonathon and Kelley's daughter and who is not yet baptized because of family drama with Kelley's mom but today we have a sweet lesson planned about eternal families and I am so excited. We are struggling to get our investigators progress which is difficult because you know that this church will help them and they don't realize it and you want to somehow force them to read and come to church but it is frustrating that you can't. So we just continue on and move forward and keep finding and teaching. We had a special Sisters conference on Wed which was so awesome and powerful it was good to go and see that we are not the only ones with problems with our investigators and it was better to learn from one another and encourage one another. I love being a missionary it is tough and hard but at the conference a sister said that the happiest times do not come from doing the easiest things in life and I totally agree it is from accomplishing the hard things that gives you most satisfaction. I am not perfect nor will I ever be perfect and I have learned that as long as I am striving to work and find and teach that the lord will give me success. Sister Garlick is so awesome the way she teaches is purely by the spirit and she makes people want what she has (which is of course the Holy Ghost) and I am so lucky to have her as a companion. I wish y'all the best week and a safe one too. Thanks for all the prayer they are needed and felt so it means a lot I love all y'all. Till next week.
Love Sister Browning p.s. HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Fire Ants and Missionary Work!

HEY so my fire ant scars are healing slowly but surely people all the time notice them and just laugh because apparently you are not a South Carolinian unless you have been attacked by fire ants so I feel so honored and privileged. This week was great! I recognize how much I have grown on my mission but then I recognize how much I still need to improve on. We have doing a lot of Less active work which is going great they are all willing and wanting to come back to church and are starting to come back last Sunday we had three come which two of the three have not been in more than five years. One of them Tammy Mcgee was not going to come but I became annoyed and flat out told her to stop making excuses and just come. She did come and loved it she told us later about how no other missionaries were able to get her to go until we came and found her but little does she know that it was all her testimony is still so strong and all we did was remind her and the rest was all her and now she wants us to help her three daughters who are not baptized and she wants us to help her teach them which I am so excited for. Anna Sibley who is on date for Saturday is having some fears and does not want to be baptized on Saturday so but she came to church and is reading the Book of Mormon and so hopefully we can help overcome her fears and get her to be baptized on Saturday still we are praying hard that she will but of course we cannot force her and will leave it to the Lord to help her feel that she is ready but I know she is ready and will do everything in my power to help her see how ready she is. 
So sister Garlick is so awesome!!!!!! We were knocking and knocked on this door we heard someone yell from the garage to come through the garage we were walking through and she let us right in because of Sister Garlicks smiling she did not even say anything she just smiled. The Lady was Teresa Simon and she told us that she could not let us in with sister garlick smiling like that and you can bet sister garlick did the rest of the knocking. Never has anyone let me in because of my smile so Sister Garlick is very special and is a great hard working missionary she is being trained because she does not need it she is perfect on her own. Another cool experience we were walking on this road when a lady in a truck pulls up to us and asks if we are Mormons we say yes confused and then she asked for a book of Mormon I did not hesitate and gave her one and got her information. Her name is Yolanda and she is so elect but when we went to our appointment she explained some rules about her church that she did not know. The rules are that they are not allowed to talk about any religion outside the church even with other members. It is like this secret church that pretends like it does not exist. But the consequents are that you get kicked out. She wants to learn but she lives with her parents who are like the leaders and so she does not want to hurt their standing and position in the church by talking to us. I was so bummed and confused but one day she will be baptized I know it.

I love being a missionary thank you all for the letters and Cards they were awesome and mad my week I love you all and thank you for your prayers as well and know that y'all are in mine as well. Please pray for Anna.
Love Always
Sister Browning


Hey Ya'll From Florence!

Hello from Florence wasn't conference the best I hated for it to be over how crazy of the announcement of missionaries I was so happy and am so grateful to be able to see the effects of that in my time in the mission the lords work is moving forward without a doubt and the time is getting closer so missionary work should be a priority striving to bring as many into the fold of God as possible. But I was able to receive so much inspiration about what I need to do to be a better missionary in Florence and how I can better help our investigators.  On Saturday was Joyce's brother’s funeral and she asked us to be there to support her and since it was in between conferences we could go.  It was a southern Baptist funeral it was very nice and a neat experience and Joyce was very happy we were there to support her and she will be baptized she deserves and needs this gospel.  I realized this past week the role of baptism in most churches.  At the funeral the pastor was talking about how Willie (Joyce's brother) was baptized and that he would be saved.  Allot of churches believe that this life is the only chance one person has in order to receive salvation and that is a person is not baptized in this life then they will not receive salvation crazy right but we are lucky to have this gospel and know that Heavenly Father has provided a way for everyone to be saved even if they were not baptized in their mortal life.  He loves his children so much and he wants us to live with him in the celestial Kingdom. Yesterday we went to an area to find some old leads we were having no luck so we decided to go to plan b and go to another area as we were walking to our car two men came running to us trying to get our attention saying that there is a lady looking for us. I then heard a lady yelling at us the other way confused and quite frightened I started to walk to the lady.  The lady was Betty she was a less active whom we lost on the count that she moved.  I was so happy to see her and talk to her it turns out that she was in the hospital a couple days ago for arthritis or something but she was so grateful as so was I and it was a testimony that the lords will lead us to where we need to be at the exact point we need to be there and he does hear and answer prayers.  Thank you for your prayers and love they are felt and needed and well used I love y'all so much and wish you a happy and successful week.
Love Sister Browning


Crazy Week!

Man oh man what a crazy week all starting on Monday but things here in Florence are so great I cannot believe it has been four months since I left. Right?  Time sure is flying and I just hope to be able to accomplish everything Heavenly Father has prepared me for.  On Monday we met Joyce who met with missionaries one year ago she is so sincere and wants to change and this gospel is the one that she knows Heavenly father wants her to be in so she wants to be baptized on Oct 20th.  Sad news is that just the other night her youngest brother was killed.  I am so amazed and privileged to be an instrument in the lords hand and do his will in being that person to help her have an gain the hope that she can see her brother again I am excited for this opportunity and I strongly feel that she is why I am in Florence right now with Sister Garlick who is the best and is very patient with me and my craziness. We also have Marquita on date she also met the missionaries years ago but then her daughter got really sick and lost contact with them but she had been hoping for another chance to meet missionaries and lo and behold we show up she is very spiritual and has a lot of faith and is very sincere she is on date for the 27th of October.  The Moores are good their daughter Zoey turned nine and is no longer a child of record and so we have to teach her the gospel so she can be baptized but her parents are having difficulties because of Kelleys mom who is very anti Mormon and is riding Zoey pretty hard to go to church with her it will take a lot of patience which I am having to work on right now but I know that it will all work out and Heavenly Father will provide the way as always and I know it will be ok it may not be in my time in Florence but it will happen.  We were privileged to have two sisters Sister Allen and Sister Chai come for a night and it was like a spiritual sleep over which was the highlight of my day.  On Saturday our ward had a linger Longer in which everyone pawned off their food for us so we will be well fed for the week which I am not complaining at all and on Saturday night we watched the relief society broadcast at the church which was so fun we were able to get a less active to come and she loved it so it was great to see her smile.  On Sunday we spent most of the morning trying to gather up people to come to church and were able to get Ross Junior who is an investigator who love Jesus and church he started to read the Book of Mormon and loves it and is reading it always he is a sweet guy who deserves this gospel.  Everyone deserves this gospel no matter who or where they are but it is for everyone.  I hope everyone is doing great and is enjoying fall and the first full day of October.
I love you all and thank you so much for your prayers for me and the investigators truly they are felt and what give us success here.
Know I keep y'all in my prayers as well have a great week and till next week
Love Sister Browning


Hey Ya'll!

Hey y'all from Florence South Carolina so this morning I woke up and we went outside to exercise and I about had to come in because it was so cold when I looked at the thermostat for outside it was on 60 degrees which is pretty cold and it is not as humid.  Things are definitely changing from the leaves to the people.  This past week went by so fast that it is unbelievable.  We focused on teaching our new investigators and even found a few in the process.  We contacted Quilteen Williams who was a referral from another member in a different ward we have been trying to find her and we managed to talk to her on the phone once but never got to meet her so we just accepted the fact that she was avoiding us and did not want to meet with us and also we heard that she was antied by the same person who referred her? I know it does not make sense but we were trying to find out what to do all of our appointments were cancelling and we would follow our plans and nothing would come so we decided to give Quilteen one last shot at trying to contact her since we were in the area even though we did not plan to contact her so we went and knocked and she opened the door and let us right in and said that she was hoping that we would come by she had lost our phone number and could not contact us in any other way. We went and taught her the first lesson and she loved it and was excited to read The Book of Mormon and know if the church is what she needs but the downside is that she works like crazy and is a very hard person to get into contact with but we will pray and let everything work out and do our part in helping her accept the gospel it seems like a no brainer to accept this church as the only true church with the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ but every day it amazes me when people look at us and just say "Oh you are just another church" but we are not we are the only true church and people have a hard time seeing it and even experimenting by reading the Book of Mormon.  Most people who grow up in the south believe that there is no set one true church but that there are many churches that are true it is a constant struggle but I love finding people like Quilteen who realize that they have not yet found that church because all the others are missing something. Last Monday for p day there is a park by our apartment called Jefferies park and it is by a creek and also it is in the woods and trees and looks really fun and cool well we went there and stayed for about five minutes all due to the fact of mosquitos which were a lot larger than the ones in Idaho I will tell you that and they were eating us like crazy you could see the teeth on them I tried to get a picture but they moved to fast and I am not aching to go back any time soon so sorry.  Prayer is becoming a big part of my mission I definitely am receiving blessings and answers to my prayers constantly.  Heavenly Father is using me here and I am doing my best to accomplish all that he wants me to.  Thanks for the prayers they are a big part of why I am so blessed. I love being a missionary!!!!!


Perfection is Nonexistent:

Time is going quicker and quicker but things are great as always in Florence South Carolina definitely cooler to the point where I exercise in a sweater in the morning crazy.  But this past week was so great it was full of challenges and joys and miracles and trials but each week I feel refined and feel like I am a better missionary.  One thing that I have most definitely struggled with is not being able to be perfect.  I love to do everything perfect and right the first time but this past week I learned that in everything I cannot be perfect there is something always to be improved on and in one week you may do better in one area but the next there is a new level to be reached.  This week I will explain the BRP now out of all the missions in the world my mission was chosen to pilot this program.  What BRP stands for is best relationship proselyting and the purpose is to strengthen the members and get more referrals from them to teach.  Referrals are the best especially from members because they know the people of Florence way better than I.  But any who what happens is we (missionaries) go to the members houses and show them this letter and the members send this letter to people they know and the letter is very simple and caring and just invites the person receiving the letter to read the book of Mormon.  After the letter gets sent out the missionaries will go and present the book of Mormon and try to teach and figure out their true interest level.  Miracles have happened and majority if not all of my investigators are from the BRP and also they are the ones that we have the best relationships with.  I love this program so much and am grateful to have it and to use it really allows me to get to know the members and do a lot more work. so a lot of our work consists of doing the Brp pretty cool right. 

Pretty experience with the BRP the elders in our ward with us called us asking if they could BRP a family the West family.  I felt very strongly that we needed to BRP them and not the elders but I pushed it aside and tried to tell them to do it but every time I tried I would choke and could not tell them (odd of God?) eventually I was able to tell them to BRP the west family (ignoring the spirit).  Well I felt bad but knew the elders would do a good job.  Couple days later at ward coordination the Elders set up an appointment with the West family on the only day that the west could do it but the elders could not so they ended up giving us the West family to BRP I did not hesitate accepting them again was it odd or was it God its God always God but I am excited to BRP them next week and find out why we needed to be the ones to do it.  I tell ya MIRACLES

This past week we had a fireside with our mission president and investigators we had one come Kevon who loved it but he did not come to church so we are not sure what is up but he should be ok hopefully.  Anti is getting stronger and stronger especially for our investigators and recent converts but it is amazing of how they all withstand it and are so solid and keep progressing but Satan is definitely working hard.

I sent random Pictures on is of my new companion Sister Garlick so enjoy them.  Life as a missionary is so fabulous I LOVE IT and would not want to be anywhere else I love y'all and thank you for your prayers
Love always 
Sister Erica Browning


"Be not afraid, only believe" Mark 5:26

Hello Hello hello I hope this email finds everyone well and happy.  I am doing great as always no surprise.  This past week has been so crazy and busy.  I did get a new companion her name is sister Garlick she is from Centerville Utah.  I am getting used to being a trainer and I learned that being stressed does not do anyone any good. I learned total reliance on the lord and how he will always help.  On wed after transfer I was a mess I did not know why I had to train there were so many better than I and I did not know enough and I realized how this would not be easy but probably the toughest things I would ever do.  After feeling sorry for myself I realized that the person I was acting like is not the missionary the lord needs and I needed to change my attitude and be the best example of a missionary that sister Garlick needs.  I did a lot of prayer and reading of the scriptures and things got better there are still times of doubt and stress but I know that the lord has a plan and goals for this time and I need to endure the stressful times and go on.  It took a few days but now we have a system down and are working hard finding and teaching people. In study I found the scripture Be not afraid only believe I believe the lord knows what he is doing and I do not so I put all my faith in him and I am going to work every day to be the perfect missionary during the rest of my mission.  The Moore is still solid they have had so many miracles since their baptisms it is crazy but they love this gospel and what it has done for their family.  Sorry this is short but I love y'all so much thanks for all the prayers truly they are felt. 
Love always and forever
Sister Erica Browning


I Love being a Missionary!

WOW what changes are coming and so many things are happening I cannot believe it at all.  First last Tuesday Kelley Moore was baptized by her recently converted Husband Jonathon Moore that was great and she was so happy and she felt the spirit and had a smile on the whole day even the whole week I love this family so much it hurts but so worth it.  The good news is that my twelve weeks are up of training and transfer are this coming week and I know that I will be in Florence for two more transfers but me staying in Florence for two more transfers means that I will be training a new sister missionary fresh from Provo so yes I just got done with twelve weeks and yes I get to start it all over again.  Our president called us on Saturday telling Sister Allen that she would be leaving and thanked her for her service in Florence and then asked if I would train next two transfers.  There are so many emotions and I ask for all your prayers to help me.  It is a scary thing to be a trainer only after finishing up my training but I know that I have been called and asked so I will do it and will love it I am excited to train and I know many miracles will happen just as they have happened for my training.  The bad news is that sadly Sister Allen is leaving me and Florence.  This area will not be the same without her it will not be worse but it will not be the same we have worked so hard and have had many miracles but I know that it is her time to leave and my time to take control and lead this area to the best of my ability.  Lately I have been thinking like crazy focusing on how I am going to train what I need to know and remember  I think of my fears that I have but then I pray and ask for help and I feel comfort and peace.  I know this is the Lords work and that he knows the whole plan and he has goals for the next two transfers that my new companion and I will accomplish.  I am so glad to be in Florence for three more months I love this area so much.  I love this gospel and I have seen first-hand how it can change lives especially families the joy and happiness the Moores have in their home is something they did not have before the gospel it has brought them closer together.  It is interesting being a missionary the feelings and experiences you have that are indescribable  that the only way to know it is to experience it there is nothing like it .  I love you all and thank you for your prayers and continue to ask for them I love you and pray for y'all as well.
Love Sister Browning


Hello from Florence, SC

Hello hello hello from Florence South Carolina!!! I love being a missionary!! People are always telling us how much they respect us for what we do but, it is so worth it and I will never have any regret.  My training is almost complete time is sure flying it does not feel like I have been here for twelve weeks but it has and now I am almost done training crazy. I am excited to see what happens for the rest of my mission and I cannot wait to see who I will become right now I feel like a completely different person but I love who I am becoming.  This past week nothing great happened just that Kelley Moore wants to be baptized by her recently baptized husband on Tuesday I am so happy and so is she loves this gospel so much and wants to be an official member of the family.  The Moors feel so at home when they are in church and the members are the best at making them feel at home.  So on Saturday we got permission to watch Pres. Monsoons Bday celebration at 9:00 p.m. so we went to the moores and watched with Kelley since Jonathon was at work but it was a blast and so much fun to get to be together.  I am amazed at how much fun it is be a missionary to be with people and to laugh with them and to talk with them about the gospel there is no greater fun than that. When we were teaching an investigator Wendy we were teaching her about the Restoration and she constantly would be telling us "oh that make sense “or "Yeah I understand" but yeah it’s funny how the gospel is true and makes sense and fills the holes that other churches and religions have.  I love all the other churches and I have grown to respect and love them and it is sad when they don't seem to think the same about us but we just go on and endure and it is fun everyday there is never a dull moment and there is never an easy moment either but it all is helping me become who I need to become not who I want but who I need to become. Thank y'all for everything letters and prayers I truly hope this letter finds you all well and happy I hope all is well I love you all and know y'all are in my prayers.

Love Sister Browning


Adversary doesn't Quit...But neither Will the Lord!

Hey y'all I hope this letter finds you well and happy and safe.  This past week I learned a lot it was a tough week because of all the work we were doing I think the adversary was working a little harder on us especially our investigators It was crazy hot this week and hard to be out in it our investigators either had to work or sleep because they work too much all to blame the adversary.  Our investigators are doing well but as always nothing is easy especially when it comes to the gospel and their eternal salvation.  The adversary is everywhere and always looking for ways to stop our work from going forth but we endure and try to fight through it and help our investigators fight through it as well.  Yesterday at church was probably one the best meetings I have had probably and it is sad because none of our investigators could make it (adversary) but all we can do is go on and try to build them stronger and help them grow in their faith and love for the gospel.  So I do not know what it is but I have the craziest dreams every night and my theory is the humidity and the air in S.C. I think there is something in it.  Some dreams I have are one I dreamt President Thomas S. Monson came to our mission and my companion was crazy and asking all these questions and following him around.  Another cool dream was we were teaching this lady (who we had an appointment with later on the week actually) and um I remember just being bold and strong and testifying to her and I remember waking up feeling the spirit so strong and I was so happy I could not go back to sleep another experience is that I woke up and was on my knees in my bed praying.  Most of the other dreams are just about contacting and teaching but I will often talk in my sleep and wake myself up or my companion pretty funny. This week again our Air Conditioning broke and so we had to sleep in a hot apartment again which I was not happy about at all but good thing we don’t stay in our apartment all the time and we went and studied at our church down the road so it was bearable .  This past week was probably the hardest week of my mission so far but I really learned to rely on the spirit and our saviors love and his assurance that everything will be ok and that it is his work and I just testify and he does everything else.  We do not ever need to worry about anything and just give it all to him to carry and he willingly will.  I love y'all and hope your week is safe and happy and full of blessings.
Love Sister Browning



Hey hey hey Hello from flo town where things here are great so much has happened since last Monday and I will try to get it all in.  So last wed we had a fireside in which our Mission President Holm came and spoke to all of our investigators who could come we had 11 investigators came which was a miracle because every one of them that were there needed to be there and presidents message could not have been better for them.  While there President met all of our investigators which was sweet because he put most of them on date for baptism for us no he did not put all but he did put one date Queen who is a sweet lady and know the church is true but just has issues but she will get there.  We have been teaching a family the Moors and their story is interesting and for a different time but the dad Jonathon called us out the blue and asked when the soonest he could be baptized because he felt the spirit praying and reading the book of Mormon and did not want to put it off any longer.  I love the Moore family they are so great and loving and have a great desire to learn the gospel.  On Sunday yesterday we had 10 investigators at church again a great miracle but it was stressful because I had to give a talk and so my poor companion was left to help them all and make sure they were comfortable but the ward as great as it is helped her and made the people feel comfortable.  So my companion had this dream about a family in Pamlico one hour away so we went to Pamlico and it was great the family was pure country and funny and welcoming the view of fields (of plants I cannot identify) was beautiful and we found out that it is the home town of Josh Turner from people we met who went to school with him.  We had to walk a mile to get to this house that was through the woods and if you know the south the woods are trippy.  The bugs kept attacking my companion but not me so I was grateful.  I love being the answer to people’s prayers that may sound selfish but I know that the lord has everything happen when they happen for a reason and he uses us to help those who are real need.  I love being a missionary and love tough things and love you all.
Sister Browning


119 Degrees and the People you Meet!

I love being a missionary!!!! This week in particular, the weather here is way extreme compared to Idaho for a few days it was pretty hot but thankfully I was able to endure it and really quite enjoyed it thankfully. We keep well hydrated at all times so that probably helps.  Yesterday was the worst rainstorm I have ever seen there were trees falling left and right and the roads were so flooded so we had to wait out the storm till we could go out and work.  People in South Carolina are very patriotic and excited for the fourth and so am I because I get to go and find people to teach the gospel to :).  Me and Sister Allen have found new ways of contacting and getting into people’s homes one is to go in the heat and so they will feel sorry and let us in their AC homes and 2 is we carol we sing to people church hymns of course but it is funny when they tell you that we have pretty voices because neither one of are good but we know it is the spirit that makes it beautiful in their ears.   The people we meet in Florence are all different we have meet prophets who predict our futures and teach us of their Jesus.  We met this man his name was Leonard we met him at an investigators home and he escorted (on his jazzy scooter) us to the house and waited till we were done and escorted us back to our car he then offered to take us to a restaurant to get dinner after he asked for a dollar so we generously declined but he was very nice and protective of us and lectured us on safety and where not to go.  Everyone we teach and meet is different and their personalities are different.  They all have religion but they do not realize that they do not have more than what they believe and people get mad and offended when you try to tell them that. They give you the stare like you are the devil.  But we do find those who see that there is more and I love seeing them change and become these solid strong people who will have forever strong testimonies.   I know it :) I am humbled everyday being here and see how much trust God has in me to help guide these people to him and his gospel. I love you all and hope you are enjoying your nice cold weather. I really do hope and pray that this email finds you all well and happy.  I just cannot say it enough but I just love being a missionary. Till next week

Love Sister Browning


A Missionary Life is the Best Life!

Hey y'all so little time but so much to write but first of I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!!! It is the best thing ever and the great news is that I learned that sisters can go on all the missions they want so that does not sound bad at all if you ask me ;).  I learned a few things this week 1 the rain storms are nothing like Idaho's the roads literally become rivers and you get so drenched and wet but I loved it.  2 Never call a palmetto tree a palm tree (I learned from experience) 3 Being a missionary I have put my all into being the best missionary and I have had so many miracles because of it like for example Me and my companion were knocking and we met this lady who was praying for a good book to read so we gave her a book of Mormon and she was so grateful.  Another miracle came from when I was explain something to a sister and she interrupted me and said that she had been praying for someone to say that to her and she had the chills and felt very good about what I was saying to her the crazy thing is that I do not even remember what I said but I was blown away and it was a very neat experience.  I love my ward that I work with I work a lot with the ward doing a pilot program in which only my mission in the whole world is doing it is called the BRP and we work with the members and help them feel confident and want to give names for us to contact and that is where the real success of my two weeks have been is by those people My testimony has been strengthened so much by this program and my love for the ward is even greater each day. I feel humbled each and every day because of the spirit that I have felt and I know that I have put a good day’s work in.  The people here know there is something different about us missionaries and it is something they desire and so they come to us but there are also people who choose to fight instead of learn so we just love them and let them go and pray for their souls to change.  I have never been a minority like I am here but it is great and humbling and I am grateful that I did grow up in a good strong area.  Well I love you all and pray y'all are so great
Love Sister Browning


Hello from South Carolina!

Hello from Florence South Carolina Things here are very different.  South Carolina reminds me of Island Park with all the trees but instead of looking for animals we look for people.  The bugs here are huge and love legs to bite and the weather is hot and I am always so sweaty and smelly and gross and people keep telling me to just wait just wait it will get hotter People are not always nice and I am told that I am going to hell every day and others just ignore me.  But aside from it all I love it.  Every day when we are headed back to our apartment I cannot help but smile and look around at all the beauty that South Carolina has to offer the people the trees the weather and I am just so thankful to be here I know I am at home here.  I have the best trainer in the world her name is Sister Allen from Cedar city and she is such a hard worker and pushes me every day to go a little further but she is so encouraging and I love teaching with her and learning from her.  The people are all generally nice and most of the time treat us with respect and will at least maybe listen to us a little bit.  The religions are so diverse and different and every time that I meet someone who despises our beliefs I always leave them with my testimony a little stronger and never weakened.  I love this gospel so much the people here never really know what we really have because of all the anti that exists but every once in a while I can get see the light in someone’s eyes and I do not know if they will be converted but I can see the little difference that I make in them.  My companion tells me that every day we always make a difference no matter where we are.  I love you all so much some of the picture is from the match sorry I will get some of South Carolina next week.  Love you all and l Love the work.
Till next week
Sister Browning


MTC Week 2!

Hello it is so weird that this is my last Thursday and that next week at this time I will be in South Carolina teaching I am so excited for the people but not the weather I met some people who live in South Carolina and they look at my outfit and tell me that I will not want to wear that there so but I do have outfits that they did approve which is good.  Ok so to make my stay here at the MTC fun I made a little bucket list of things to do here and it has been amazing because most of the things on the list that I thought would never happened.  For instance I wanted to work at the TRC which missionaries go and talk to people who volunteer to be investigators and one night they had too many missionaries and asked me and my comp to be an investigator it was a lot of fun and great to learn from the investigators point of view.  The second thing on my list was to be a host missionary to the new missionaries and I was asked to do that last week. It did not bring back any memories because my first day here was such a shock that I forgot most everything I did but I loved being the person to comfort and give encouragement to the new sisters and welcome them.  The third item on my bucket might have to wait a little longer so there are these golf carts that are everywhere that employees drive around and I think they look so much fun and easier to get from building to building but that can wait and I will be ok.  I leave officially Monday Morning at 4:00 A.M crazy and that is the time that I have to be at the bus so I  need to wake up earlier that like at 3:00 and that is a little too early for me.  I feel that these past two weeks have pushed me to be the person that my investigators need to be converted of Christ I learned to rely on the Spirit so much when teaching and learning but it has been a great feeling that is indescribable but I love you all and next time I write will be in South Carolina.
Sister Browning


Hello from the MTC!

Well my first week at the MTC was pretty good.  My first night I was unpacking and trying to get out of shock that I was finally here when the fire alarm went off.  Me and my district sisters being new though it was a drill and so we calmly left our room only to go into a hall of smoke everywhere and one sister was like wow they really know how to make it realistic but we realized that there was a fire in the microwave you got to love microwave popcorn (it was the cause of the fire).  After my first day things sort of became normal for me.  I spent my day in class or in the gym or outside and then I sleep during the night.  So they randomly choose all these districts to try this new P90X exercise only this one is for Mormons and has cheesy names like Stripling Warriors.  They are intense and make me sore but it keeps me in shape.  We have that program every day at 6:00 A.M then we still have regular gym later on in the day.   Waking up at 6:00 is not too bad but trying to get dressed by 7:00 is the tough part because we usually have something at 7:00.  But I manage.  The residence halls are ok except for the bathrooms and beds.  I hate showering here because they are so nasty and the bed is gross in its own way. My companion is Sister Koeven she is going to South Carolina with me she is pretty great she is From Wyoming somewhere in the middle of nowhere.  So this is very crazy but I only have 1 1/2 week left here.  I leave June 4th which is a week from this coming Monday and then I am forced out into the big world of the South. My whole district is going to the south either Georgia or Alabama (me and sister Koeven are the only ones going to S. Carolina).  Being here has challenged me I realized that I am not a good teacher but the spirit is the better and I do not know how in the world I would be able to do it without the Lords Help.  I am grateful to be here and for all y'all and your prayers and love and support.  I love it here and while at times it is so challenging mentally and physically I know that what I am doing is true and so I will shower in the nasty showers and sleep in my nasty bed because I know my purpose as a missionary and I believe in it.  Again thank you all and till next week 
Love, Sister Browning!