Hey y'all!! I love being a missionary!!!! There is no greater call than to be here in South Carolina especially in Florence. The transfer is almost over and it is so crazy because it feels like I have only been in S.C for two months but I have been here for six months that is just bizarre and unbelievable because I do not feel as mature as I should be as a missionary but yet I feel like I have learned so much and I love it. I am amazed at how much Heavenly knows me and that he really does answer my prayers. I have a tendency to be a little stressed out especially when it comes to having investigators come to church. So this past week I have been praying so hard to have one investigator come and Heavenly Father answered my prayer, a former investigator came to church Joe Dunn and the funny thing is that we did not contact him at all that week to invite him he came by the spirit which is the lesson that I have learned over and over. Being stressed out is not of the Savior it is the quite opposite and I cannot force everyone to make the choice to join the church (even though I would like to) but that is not part of his plan. It is his work and everything we do is by him and the spirit and I just have the privilege to watch how the spirit works in people. I was very humbled seeing Joe at church and seeing how much Heavenly Father helps us and that he loves me and knows I am giving my best to help these people come closer to him I know that I am not perfect and nor can I ever be but that's ok because he does not expect us to be perfect. On Thursday we had an appointment with a lady named Emily Alfred and we have talked a few times before but on Thursday she was telling me that I knew her daughter and as it turns out her daughter was an investigator that I taught months ago and now we are teaching her mom and hopefully will be picking her back up but she is a very humbled lady who is struggling and is ready to accept this gospel. So Mitt Romney lost and this past week I will admit it was fun to use to our advantage because so many people had sympathy on us because he lost (no worries I never get political but I do use it to my advantage) A lot of people are mad and hurt but we go in there and miraculously change the subject to the gospel which is fun but we have had ear fills with the election go figure. Well I am great tried but great and am so happy and can’t wait to see what Heavenly father has for the next year. I hope all is well and y'all are getting ready for the holidays thanks for the prayers and I hope you have a great week. :) <3
Love Sister Browning

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