Hey Ya'll From Florence!

Hello from Florence wasn't conference the best I hated for it to be over how crazy of the announcement of missionaries I was so happy and am so grateful to be able to see the effects of that in my time in the mission the lords work is moving forward without a doubt and the time is getting closer so missionary work should be a priority striving to bring as many into the fold of God as possible. But I was able to receive so much inspiration about what I need to do to be a better missionary in Florence and how I can better help our investigators.  On Saturday was Joyce's brother’s funeral and she asked us to be there to support her and since it was in between conferences we could go.  It was a southern Baptist funeral it was very nice and a neat experience and Joyce was very happy we were there to support her and she will be baptized she deserves and needs this gospel.  I realized this past week the role of baptism in most churches.  At the funeral the pastor was talking about how Willie (Joyce's brother) was baptized and that he would be saved.  Allot of churches believe that this life is the only chance one person has in order to receive salvation and that is a person is not baptized in this life then they will not receive salvation crazy right but we are lucky to have this gospel and know that Heavenly Father has provided a way for everyone to be saved even if they were not baptized in their mortal life.  He loves his children so much and he wants us to live with him in the celestial Kingdom. Yesterday we went to an area to find some old leads we were having no luck so we decided to go to plan b and go to another area as we were walking to our car two men came running to us trying to get our attention saying that there is a lady looking for us. I then heard a lady yelling at us the other way confused and quite frightened I started to walk to the lady.  The lady was Betty she was a less active whom we lost on the count that she moved.  I was so happy to see her and talk to her it turns out that she was in the hospital a couple days ago for arthritis or something but she was so grateful as so was I and it was a testimony that the lords will lead us to where we need to be at the exact point we need to be there and he does hear and answer prayers.  Thank you for your prayers and love they are felt and needed and well used I love y'all so much and wish you a happy and successful week.
Love Sister Browning


Crazy Week!

Man oh man what a crazy week all starting on Monday but things here in Florence are so great I cannot believe it has been four months since I left. Right?  Time sure is flying and I just hope to be able to accomplish everything Heavenly Father has prepared me for.  On Monday we met Joyce who met with missionaries one year ago she is so sincere and wants to change and this gospel is the one that she knows Heavenly father wants her to be in so she wants to be baptized on Oct 20th.  Sad news is that just the other night her youngest brother was killed.  I am so amazed and privileged to be an instrument in the lords hand and do his will in being that person to help her have an gain the hope that she can see her brother again I am excited for this opportunity and I strongly feel that she is why I am in Florence right now with Sister Garlick who is the best and is very patient with me and my craziness. We also have Marquita on date she also met the missionaries years ago but then her daughter got really sick and lost contact with them but she had been hoping for another chance to meet missionaries and lo and behold we show up she is very spiritual and has a lot of faith and is very sincere she is on date for the 27th of October.  The Moores are good their daughter Zoey turned nine and is no longer a child of record and so we have to teach her the gospel so she can be baptized but her parents are having difficulties because of Kelleys mom who is very anti Mormon and is riding Zoey pretty hard to go to church with her it will take a lot of patience which I am having to work on right now but I know that it will all work out and Heavenly Father will provide the way as always and I know it will be ok it may not be in my time in Florence but it will happen.  We were privileged to have two sisters Sister Allen and Sister Chai come for a night and it was like a spiritual sleep over which was the highlight of my day.  On Saturday our ward had a linger Longer in which everyone pawned off their food for us so we will be well fed for the week which I am not complaining at all and on Saturday night we watched the relief society broadcast at the church which was so fun we were able to get a less active to come and she loved it so it was great to see her smile.  On Sunday we spent most of the morning trying to gather up people to come to church and were able to get Ross Junior who is an investigator who love Jesus and church he started to read the Book of Mormon and loves it and is reading it always he is a sweet guy who deserves this gospel.  Everyone deserves this gospel no matter who or where they are but it is for everyone.  I hope everyone is doing great and is enjoying fall and the first full day of October.
I love you all and thank you so much for your prayers for me and the investigators truly they are felt and what give us success here.
Know I keep y'all in my prayers as well have a great week and till next week
Love Sister Browning