Hello from Florence, SC

Hello hello hello from Florence South Carolina!!! I love being a missionary!! People are always telling us how much they respect us for what we do but, it is so worth it and I will never have any regret.  My training is almost complete time is sure flying it does not feel like I have been here for twelve weeks but it has and now I am almost done training crazy. I am excited to see what happens for the rest of my mission and I cannot wait to see who I will become right now I feel like a completely different person but I love who I am becoming.  This past week nothing great happened just that Kelley Moore wants to be baptized by her recently baptized husband on Tuesday I am so happy and so is she loves this gospel so much and wants to be an official member of the family.  The Moors feel so at home when they are in church and the members are the best at making them feel at home.  So on Saturday we got permission to watch Pres. Monsoons Bday celebration at 9:00 p.m. so we went to the moores and watched with Kelley since Jonathon was at work but it was a blast and so much fun to get to be together.  I am amazed at how much fun it is be a missionary to be with people and to laugh with them and to talk with them about the gospel there is no greater fun than that. When we were teaching an investigator Wendy we were teaching her about the Restoration and she constantly would be telling us "oh that make sense “or "Yeah I understand" but yeah it’s funny how the gospel is true and makes sense and fills the holes that other churches and religions have.  I love all the other churches and I have grown to respect and love them and it is sad when they don't seem to think the same about us but we just go on and endure and it is fun everyday there is never a dull moment and there is never an easy moment either but it all is helping me become who I need to become not who I want but who I need to become. Thank y'all for everything letters and prayers I truly hope this letter finds you all well and happy I hope all is well I love you all and know y'all are in my prayers.

Love Sister Browning

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