Busy Week!

Ok so much has happened this past week it is amazing I do not know where to start so many miracles have happened and I am so humbled to be able to be a part of all these wonderful things that are happening.  Monday we got a phone call from the lady Cheryl we helped move out of her apartment and she was talking about how grateful she was that we came and that she was praying for someone to come and help her but no church she went to would help her and then the next day we came and she knew we were true representatives of Jesus Christ and we made sure the missionaries were waiting for her when she got to Georgia so she could get the help she needed there and she said on Monday that she was going to go to church because she felt like this is the church Heavenly Father wants her in and so yesterday afternoon we got another phone call from Cheryl and she was talking about the experience she had at church and how she has never felt like that before and she is going to continue to go because she knows it is right.
Thursday we were totally led by the spirit so I forgot to put gas in the car the day before and so we felt like we needed to go and fill the car up with gas and when we got there we saw one of our investigators there getting gas too. and we went and talked to him and he just had a rough day and so we were able to give him comfort and it is cool because he decided that he needed to go back to where he came from Connecticut and so we would not have ever seen him again but we were in the right place at the right time to be with him and testify of the book of Mormon and encourage him to read it and give him hope.  Then a few minutes later we meet this man who investigated the church years ago and loved it but he moved and lost contact and he had in his car all the stuff missionaries gave him and we were able to talk to him and get his info and help him so he can learn more and find the missionaries where he lives which is in Texas.
Friday: It was our ward Christmas party and we had been inviting people to come left and right and we had two investigators come one was Keith who is just the sweets guy when I invited him he asked me if it was a date and I told him no but there was going to be food there but he came and loved it and we were able to give him a tour with an awesome member of the ward who really fellowshipped him.  The other investigator was Avian and her two daughters Slysse who is 6 and Ava who is 2 and Avian is so awesome she knew she needed a new life so she packed up her things in Vermont and moved to   Greer all alone she is so awesome and met so many awesome people who she really connected and the primary kids really fellowshipped her daughters and by the end of the programs they were all sad it was over and are excited to come back and learn more but the thing with Avian is that she works on Sundays so that is an obstacle we are working on but she is wants to come back which is a good sign.
Sunday the best day of the week we had 4 investigators come to church two of which we have been working with for a while but the other two came on their own. One who is Aaron he has really been struggling lately and knows he needs a change so one member invited him to come and see our church and introduced him to us which we were very happy to by the end of church Aaron flat out said I need to change and want to and this is the best place to be I know that so what do I need to do.  I was so stunned and grateful and scheduled an appointment to come and teach him.  The other investigator is Jason Waldrop who came with his member dad and he too has had a hard life lately and asked if we could help him.  Then on Sunday evening we had an appointment with an investigator who has been investigating since he was seriously 5 years old but he just has been anti and not interested until he was humbles a couple months ago and last night he said that he know he need to be baptized and wants to be baptized on Dec 22.
The church is true this work is so awesome go out and serve people you never know the impact you will make on one person Thank you for your prayers and love they are felt and needed thank you thank you thank you have a great week I love y’all and know ya’ll are in my prayers as well
Love Sister Erica Browning

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