Adversary doesn't Quit...But neither Will the Lord!

Hey y'all I hope this letter finds you well and happy and safe.  This past week I learned a lot it was a tough week because of all the work we were doing I think the adversary was working a little harder on us especially our investigators It was crazy hot this week and hard to be out in it our investigators either had to work or sleep because they work too much all to blame the adversary.  Our investigators are doing well but as always nothing is easy especially when it comes to the gospel and their eternal salvation.  The adversary is everywhere and always looking for ways to stop our work from going forth but we endure and try to fight through it and help our investigators fight through it as well.  Yesterday at church was probably one the best meetings I have had probably and it is sad because none of our investigators could make it (adversary) but all we can do is go on and try to build them stronger and help them grow in their faith and love for the gospel.  So I do not know what it is but I have the craziest dreams every night and my theory is the humidity and the air in S.C. I think there is something in it.  Some dreams I have are one I dreamt President Thomas S. Monson came to our mission and my companion was crazy and asking all these questions and following him around.  Another cool dream was we were teaching this lady (who we had an appointment with later on the week actually) and um I remember just being bold and strong and testifying to her and I remember waking up feeling the spirit so strong and I was so happy I could not go back to sleep another experience is that I woke up and was on my knees in my bed praying.  Most of the other dreams are just about contacting and teaching but I will often talk in my sleep and wake myself up or my companion pretty funny. This week again our Air Conditioning broke and so we had to sleep in a hot apartment again which I was not happy about at all but good thing we don’t stay in our apartment all the time and we went and studied at our church down the road so it was bearable .  This past week was probably the hardest week of my mission so far but I really learned to rely on the spirit and our saviors love and his assurance that everything will be ok and that it is his work and I just testify and he does everything else.  We do not ever need to worry about anything and just give it all to him to carry and he willingly will.  I love y'all and hope your week is safe and happy and full of blessings.
Love Sister Browning



Hey hey hey Hello from flo town where things here are great so much has happened since last Monday and I will try to get it all in.  So last wed we had a fireside in which our Mission President Holm came and spoke to all of our investigators who could come we had 11 investigators came which was a miracle because every one of them that were there needed to be there and presidents message could not have been better for them.  While there President met all of our investigators which was sweet because he put most of them on date for baptism for us no he did not put all but he did put one date Queen who is a sweet lady and know the church is true but just has issues but she will get there.  We have been teaching a family the Moors and their story is interesting and for a different time but the dad Jonathon called us out the blue and asked when the soonest he could be baptized because he felt the spirit praying and reading the book of Mormon and did not want to put it off any longer.  I love the Moore family they are so great and loving and have a great desire to learn the gospel.  On Sunday yesterday we had 10 investigators at church again a great miracle but it was stressful because I had to give a talk and so my poor companion was left to help them all and make sure they were comfortable but the ward as great as it is helped her and made the people feel comfortable.  So my companion had this dream about a family in Pamlico one hour away so we went to Pamlico and it was great the family was pure country and funny and welcoming the view of fields (of plants I cannot identify) was beautiful and we found out that it is the home town of Josh Turner from people we met who went to school with him.  We had to walk a mile to get to this house that was through the woods and if you know the south the woods are trippy.  The bugs kept attacking my companion but not me so I was grateful.  I love being the answer to people’s prayers that may sound selfish but I know that the lord has everything happen when they happen for a reason and he uses us to help those who are real need.  I love being a missionary and love tough things and love you all.
Sister Browning


119 Degrees and the People you Meet!

I love being a missionary!!!! This week in particular, the weather here is way extreme compared to Idaho for a few days it was pretty hot but thankfully I was able to endure it and really quite enjoyed it thankfully. We keep well hydrated at all times so that probably helps.  Yesterday was the worst rainstorm I have ever seen there were trees falling left and right and the roads were so flooded so we had to wait out the storm till we could go out and work.  People in South Carolina are very patriotic and excited for the fourth and so am I because I get to go and find people to teach the gospel to :).  Me and Sister Allen have found new ways of contacting and getting into people’s homes one is to go in the heat and so they will feel sorry and let us in their AC homes and 2 is we carol we sing to people church hymns of course but it is funny when they tell you that we have pretty voices because neither one of are good but we know it is the spirit that makes it beautiful in their ears.   The people we meet in Florence are all different we have meet prophets who predict our futures and teach us of their Jesus.  We met this man his name was Leonard we met him at an investigators home and he escorted (on his jazzy scooter) us to the house and waited till we were done and escorted us back to our car he then offered to take us to a restaurant to get dinner after he asked for a dollar so we generously declined but he was very nice and protective of us and lectured us on safety and where not to go.  Everyone we teach and meet is different and their personalities are different.  They all have religion but they do not realize that they do not have more than what they believe and people get mad and offended when you try to tell them that. They give you the stare like you are the devil.  But we do find those who see that there is more and I love seeing them change and become these solid strong people who will have forever strong testimonies.   I know it :) I am humbled everyday being here and see how much trust God has in me to help guide these people to him and his gospel. I love you all and hope you are enjoying your nice cold weather. I really do hope and pray that this email finds you all well and happy.  I just cannot say it enough but I just love being a missionary. Till next week

Love Sister Browning