Adversary doesn't Quit...But neither Will the Lord!

Hey y'all I hope this letter finds you well and happy and safe.  This past week I learned a lot it was a tough week because of all the work we were doing I think the adversary was working a little harder on us especially our investigators It was crazy hot this week and hard to be out in it our investigators either had to work or sleep because they work too much all to blame the adversary.  Our investigators are doing well but as always nothing is easy especially when it comes to the gospel and their eternal salvation.  The adversary is everywhere and always looking for ways to stop our work from going forth but we endure and try to fight through it and help our investigators fight through it as well.  Yesterday at church was probably one the best meetings I have had probably and it is sad because none of our investigators could make it (adversary) but all we can do is go on and try to build them stronger and help them grow in their faith and love for the gospel.  So I do not know what it is but I have the craziest dreams every night and my theory is the humidity and the air in S.C. I think there is something in it.  Some dreams I have are one I dreamt President Thomas S. Monson came to our mission and my companion was crazy and asking all these questions and following him around.  Another cool dream was we were teaching this lady (who we had an appointment with later on the week actually) and um I remember just being bold and strong and testifying to her and I remember waking up feeling the spirit so strong and I was so happy I could not go back to sleep another experience is that I woke up and was on my knees in my bed praying.  Most of the other dreams are just about contacting and teaching but I will often talk in my sleep and wake myself up or my companion pretty funny. This week again our Air Conditioning broke and so we had to sleep in a hot apartment again which I was not happy about at all but good thing we don’t stay in our apartment all the time and we went and studied at our church down the road so it was bearable .  This past week was probably the hardest week of my mission so far but I really learned to rely on the spirit and our saviors love and his assurance that everything will be ok and that it is his work and I just testify and he does everything else.  We do not ever need to worry about anything and just give it all to him to carry and he willingly will.  I love y'all and hope your week is safe and happy and full of blessings.
Love Sister Browning

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