Happy Halloween!

Hey y'all I hope this email finds everyone well and happy things in Florence are great as always. Time is just flying quicker and quicker this transfer is half way over and it feels like it just started and I feel more and more overwhelmed because there is so much to do especially in Florence. But as I always say sharing is caring and I cannot do everything that needs to be done in Florence as much as I would love to I know that I can't. This past week has been so great besides all the wind and cold which I can live without. Anna we lost we do not know if she is out of town or avoiding us we do not know for sure but keep her in your prayers she is so sweet and deserves this gospel. Today we are going to start teaching Zoe Moore who is Jonathon and Kelley's daughter and who is not yet baptized because of family drama with Kelley's mom but today we have a sweet lesson planned about eternal families and I am so excited. We are struggling to get our investigators progress which is difficult because you know that this church will help them and they don't realize it and you want to somehow force them to read and come to church but it is frustrating that you can't. So we just continue on and move forward and keep finding and teaching. We had a special Sisters conference on Wed which was so awesome and powerful it was good to go and see that we are not the only ones with problems with our investigators and it was better to learn from one another and encourage one another. I love being a missionary it is tough and hard but at the conference a sister said that the happiest times do not come from doing the easiest things in life and I totally agree it is from accomplishing the hard things that gives you most satisfaction. I am not perfect nor will I ever be perfect and I have learned that as long as I am striving to work and find and teach that the lord will give me success. Sister Garlick is so awesome the way she teaches is purely by the spirit and she makes people want what she has (which is of course the Holy Ghost) and I am so lucky to have her as a companion. I wish y'all the best week and a safe one too. Thanks for all the prayer they are needed and felt so it means a lot I love all y'all. Till next week.
Love Sister Browning p.s. HAPPY HALLOWEEN

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