Hey Ya'll!

Hey y'all from Florence South Carolina so this morning I woke up and we went outside to exercise and I about had to come in because it was so cold when I looked at the thermostat for outside it was on 60 degrees which is pretty cold and it is not as humid.  Things are definitely changing from the leaves to the people.  This past week went by so fast that it is unbelievable.  We focused on teaching our new investigators and even found a few in the process.  We contacted Quilteen Williams who was a referral from another member in a different ward we have been trying to find her and we managed to talk to her on the phone once but never got to meet her so we just accepted the fact that she was avoiding us and did not want to meet with us and also we heard that she was antied by the same person who referred her? I know it does not make sense but we were trying to find out what to do all of our appointments were cancelling and we would follow our plans and nothing would come so we decided to give Quilteen one last shot at trying to contact her since we were in the area even though we did not plan to contact her so we went and knocked and she opened the door and let us right in and said that she was hoping that we would come by she had lost our phone number and could not contact us in any other way. We went and taught her the first lesson and she loved it and was excited to read The Book of Mormon and know if the church is what she needs but the downside is that she works like crazy and is a very hard person to get into contact with but we will pray and let everything work out and do our part in helping her accept the gospel it seems like a no brainer to accept this church as the only true church with the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ but every day it amazes me when people look at us and just say "Oh you are just another church" but we are not we are the only true church and people have a hard time seeing it and even experimenting by reading the Book of Mormon.  Most people who grow up in the south believe that there is no set one true church but that there are many churches that are true it is a constant struggle but I love finding people like Quilteen who realize that they have not yet found that church because all the others are missing something. Last Monday for p day there is a park by our apartment called Jefferies park and it is by a creek and also it is in the woods and trees and looks really fun and cool well we went there and stayed for about five minutes all due to the fact of mosquitos which were a lot larger than the ones in Idaho I will tell you that and they were eating us like crazy you could see the teeth on them I tried to get a picture but they moved to fast and I am not aching to go back any time soon so sorry.  Prayer is becoming a big part of my mission I definitely am receiving blessings and answers to my prayers constantly.  Heavenly Father is using me here and I am doing my best to accomplish all that he wants me to.  Thanks for the prayers they are a big part of why I am so blessed. I love being a missionary!!!!!


Perfection is Nonexistent:

Time is going quicker and quicker but things are great as always in Florence South Carolina definitely cooler to the point where I exercise in a sweater in the morning crazy.  But this past week was so great it was full of challenges and joys and miracles and trials but each week I feel refined and feel like I am a better missionary.  One thing that I have most definitely struggled with is not being able to be perfect.  I love to do everything perfect and right the first time but this past week I learned that in everything I cannot be perfect there is something always to be improved on and in one week you may do better in one area but the next there is a new level to be reached.  This week I will explain the BRP now out of all the missions in the world my mission was chosen to pilot this program.  What BRP stands for is best relationship proselyting and the purpose is to strengthen the members and get more referrals from them to teach.  Referrals are the best especially from members because they know the people of Florence way better than I.  But any who what happens is we (missionaries) go to the members houses and show them this letter and the members send this letter to people they know and the letter is very simple and caring and just invites the person receiving the letter to read the book of Mormon.  After the letter gets sent out the missionaries will go and present the book of Mormon and try to teach and figure out their true interest level.  Miracles have happened and majority if not all of my investigators are from the BRP and also they are the ones that we have the best relationships with.  I love this program so much and am grateful to have it and to use it really allows me to get to know the members and do a lot more work. so a lot of our work consists of doing the Brp pretty cool right. 

Pretty experience with the BRP the elders in our ward with us called us asking if they could BRP a family the West family.  I felt very strongly that we needed to BRP them and not the elders but I pushed it aside and tried to tell them to do it but every time I tried I would choke and could not tell them (odd of God?) eventually I was able to tell them to BRP the west family (ignoring the spirit).  Well I felt bad but knew the elders would do a good job.  Couple days later at ward coordination the Elders set up an appointment with the West family on the only day that the west could do it but the elders could not so they ended up giving us the West family to BRP I did not hesitate accepting them again was it odd or was it God its God always God but I am excited to BRP them next week and find out why we needed to be the ones to do it.  I tell ya MIRACLES

This past week we had a fireside with our mission president and investigators we had one come Kevon who loved it but he did not come to church so we are not sure what is up but he should be ok hopefully.  Anti is getting stronger and stronger especially for our investigators and recent converts but it is amazing of how they all withstand it and are so solid and keep progressing but Satan is definitely working hard.

I sent random Pictures on is of my new companion Sister Garlick so enjoy them.  Life as a missionary is so fabulous I LOVE IT and would not want to be anywhere else I love y'all and thank you for your prayers
Love always 
Sister Erica Browning


"Be not afraid, only believe" Mark 5:26

Hello Hello hello I hope this email finds everyone well and happy.  I am doing great as always no surprise.  This past week has been so crazy and busy.  I did get a new companion her name is sister Garlick she is from Centerville Utah.  I am getting used to being a trainer and I learned that being stressed does not do anyone any good. I learned total reliance on the lord and how he will always help.  On wed after transfer I was a mess I did not know why I had to train there were so many better than I and I did not know enough and I realized how this would not be easy but probably the toughest things I would ever do.  After feeling sorry for myself I realized that the person I was acting like is not the missionary the lord needs and I needed to change my attitude and be the best example of a missionary that sister Garlick needs.  I did a lot of prayer and reading of the scriptures and things got better there are still times of doubt and stress but I know that the lord has a plan and goals for this time and I need to endure the stressful times and go on.  It took a few days but now we have a system down and are working hard finding and teaching people. In study I found the scripture Be not afraid only believe I believe the lord knows what he is doing and I do not so I put all my faith in him and I am going to work every day to be the perfect missionary during the rest of my mission.  The Moore is still solid they have had so many miracles since their baptisms it is crazy but they love this gospel and what it has done for their family.  Sorry this is short but I love y'all so much thanks for all the prayers truly they are felt. 
Love always and forever
Sister Erica Browning