Wherever You Grow Take Root and Grow!

Hey ya’ll so wow what a week it is definitely cooling off last night was the coldest 65 degrees it was chilly and I thought I don’t want to go home.  Life here is great we had a very successful week.  Robert Hammond came to church again and loved it and this time he brought his wife Mary.  Mary has many health problems and struggles going anywhere but she came we had a lesson with them both about repentance and Robert flat out said he wanted to be baptized and so he is now on date for Nov 9th we are so excited and so is everyone.  On Saturday we were invited to go to a child’s baptism in the ward and it was the neatest thing ever it was so cool and the spirit was so strong and it was just cool to have that perspective of a child’s baptism and how excited she was to make the covenant.  sister Havens was asked to give the holy ghost talk and after the baptism Bishop Luthy asked if I could speak in Sacrament meeting and so I did and spoke on Faith and as I sat up on the stand Mary and Robert came in and I was so happy and excited I was trying to tell my companion that they were here and she thought I was telling her I love her and so she was smiling and telling me she loved me too it was funny.  I do love her but that was not what I was telling her.  Chris and Judy have fallen off the face of the Earth and we have lost contact with them but hopefully we can find them and talk with them.  On Sunday we had a great relief Society lesson it was so great and awesome the teacher Sister Penrod had a great quote Wherever you are take root and Grow and she gave us all little plants so it is so better than a pet but it is a really cool little plant and I was so excited to have it.  This past week I studied of Christ and how he invited his disciples to follow him and to take up their crosses and forget the world and serve him and feed his sheep.  How grateful I am that he called me to serve I know he was the one that asked me to serve no one else told me that I should serve a mission but he invited me and has greatly blessed me funny how when you try to give him something and he blesses you ten times more amazing and truly beautiful.  I love being a missionary I love the south and love serving with all these people I love them all even those who don’t feel the same about us but you can go nowhere else and talk to complete strangers of Christ and they will talk with you and discuss their love for Christ.  There is nothing better. I love you all and hope you have a great week and day, be safe and true. 
Till next week love Sister Browning


I Love My Mission!!

So I am not going to lie this past transfer started rough coming into this area with nothing we felt like we were trying to barely walk but would always fall but we always relied on God and never stopped and now we are running, he has blessed us so much here this past week especially members they are doing great and coming with us and teaching. We resurrected the BRP in the ward and they love it and we have some great things here and I am so glad to be here for my last transfer.  Time is just going by too quickly I find myself not wanting to waste a second of it so it has pushed me to be the best and it is hard but so worth it.  We found a part member family the Hammonds who we taught and then on Sunday the nonmember husband Robert came and loved church you could see it.  I love this ward and love these people so much I never thought I would fall in love with this area like I have I promised myself after leaving Hopkins that I was just going to work and not fall in love but when you work it is impossible to not fall in love with the work and the people involved but I am happy and would rather have these people in my life than to not have known them at all.  I just cannot get over the love I have for these people I love them all even those who do not like us I love them and want to help them I know that I cannot do everything for them but I know the lord will do his part.  I love being a missionary it is the best thing ever and I would not have want be anywhere else right now, but life is great and I just want time to for once stand still or slow down because it is quickly passing but so many awesome things have happened and my mission is a work of art and it a beautiful picture to me.  I love you all and hope you have a great week and day and Happy Columbus Day.
Love Sister Browning



Missions are just so awesome and so happy sometimes but I truly love it here and especially loved General conference and felt every talk was for me I learned something from every one of the speakers but overall the most important thing I felt was the love of the lord in my life his love and gratitude to me and that made me feel like I did something good which I know that I have.  This whole past week has been a great spiritual experience for me.  We had Leadership training for two days in Irmo and so we went and listened to all the leaders in our mission I loved President Holm every time he spoke I just cried (I cry a lot nowadays) any time he speaks you just feel the love of our father in heaven and his desire for us to serve more and work harder he really pushed us to do better so that we can become better people.  I got to live a dream and work with my MTC companion I stayed the night with her and got to be her companion for a few hours it was a dream come true. 
The book of Mormon is true and one of the most powerful books in the world.  This past week we had a return appointment with a struggling investigator Judy and when we showed up she just had this different countenance about her she was so happy  and looked like a completely different person and she said I read the book and felt good and felt the power to shoo Satan away and not to bother me I have no doubt about it that it was the book of Mormon that gave her that power to act and overcome Satan he is a real being and he is set to make us doubt but we will not falter  he will not win.  Judy is not on date for the 2nd of November to be baptized so many great things are happening here that I can start to see how the lord has prepared this area it was a little weedy but now the seeds are starting to sprout.  I love you all and thank you for your love and prayers and support I do feel it and hope you have a great week and day and I hope you continue to be blessed by the lord and feel his love.
Love Sister Browning


Hello from Camden!

Hey ya’ll from Camden things are great as usual so this past week we have had like no miles and we cannot walk anywhere here because it is too spread out so let me tell you of our new ward missionary Katie Peebles you know everywhere I serve I always find that one person who I have a special connection to and she is the one in this area she is so sweet a true southern bell and has been so willing to take us to visit and teach with us it has been a true tender mercy. So on Thursday we had a lesson with the Taylor Family and we taught about temples and they loved it and had the greatest desire to go and they all said except the dad that they want to be baptized but they want to do it as a family and the dad is waiting for his church to go capoot so that he will have no need to stay there but hopefully this week in conference he will snap out of it and realize that he does not need to be paid by his church anymore and can be more happier. Pray for them they are so awesome and so close I feel it.  On Saturday we went to find some former investigators and we met Robert Taylor who is flat out creepy he was asking my companion of how he would be able to ask her out and then talked about how the church would feel about them being married with him being black and it was funny afterward and he was with the former we were looking for and the former was telling us to leave because he knew Robert was not good and so he told us to go and talk to his wife. It is funny now annoying then but poor sister Havens held up really well the start of many attempts for her.  We were able to have an awesome lesson with the wife named Judy and she is so sweet and she quit investigating because she was antied but she allowed us to teach her and clear up a lot of misconceptions so she is now going to pray and really read the book of Mormon. We had to go to the hospital this past week twice for a couple of people Katie’s Son was sick and was in the er so we went and got her a Pepsi to feel better and also a returning member had a stroke so we went to see him pretty crazy but they are both doing better and well so that is good power of prayer. Camden is a tough Cookie but I do love it and love tough things never really in the moment but from past experience I always come to love them.  Gen Conference is this weekend and we have great plans to watch it we are teaching a part member family the Coles and Nick is not a member but wants to be and now that he has quit smoking he is now ready and so we are now teaching him the gospel again and to strengthen his testimony great family we are having dinner with them this weekend so we are going to start working with them. I cannot believe it has been six months since the last conference time has just flown but I am excited and it has also been one year since the historic announcement and as I reflect the change it is a beautiful thing. I love you all and thank you for your love and supports and prayers I love you so much and could not ask for better family and friends have a great week and day.
Helamen 12:1