Happy Thanksgiving!!

So I got the call I am leaving Florence surprise surprise. I have mixed emotions because I love this place and it has a special meaning to me it is where I first started my mission and now I have to leave it but then I am so happy because now I get to go and experience somewhere else new and meet all sorts of new people and have all sorts of experiences.  This past week has been awesome that it is not a coincidence I know it was Heavenly Father telling me my work was done and he shown me that.  On Tuesday we had an appointment with Emily who was having a rough time a couple weeks ago but we told her that if she read the book of Mormon that everything would be ok and after we left she read the Book of Mormon and she felt the spirit and everything that went wrong in her life went right and she knew it was because of the book of Mormon and the church and she wants to be baptized on Dec 15 I was very humbled.  We have been working with a part member family the McGee and we have been focusing more on the mom who is a member and we were talking about all the things she has been doing and I was amazed to hear the she wants her daughters to be baptized and she asked how to help them get there we told her that we would help her.  She has progressed so rapidly and I know great things are going to happen to her and her family by making the choices she has.  On Sunday to top it off we had two investigators come to church one I did not expect because he has health issues and I never thought he would come that day but he did his name is Calvin and he loved it and is now having us teach his nieces and nephew the gospel because he wants them to have it in their lives. I definitely learned and grown a lot especially the last six months I learned of how much this is Heavenly Fathers work and how little I do contribute as a missionary in peoples conversion the lord is preparing constantly people who are ready to know this gospel and we must continue to strive to recognize them and be prepared to give them something that will make them happier than anything else.  Sorry this is a little short but I am so humbled to have been in Florence and will miss it with all my heart but things go on and I know that Florence is in good hands and future missionaries will have lots of work to do because of how awesome and prepared Florence is.  Can't wait to tell y'all where I am till next time.
Love Sister Browning

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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