Hey hey hey Hello from flo town where things here are great so much has happened since last Monday and I will try to get it all in.  So last wed we had a fireside in which our Mission President Holm came and spoke to all of our investigators who could come we had 11 investigators came which was a miracle because every one of them that were there needed to be there and presidents message could not have been better for them.  While there President met all of our investigators which was sweet because he put most of them on date for baptism for us no he did not put all but he did put one date Queen who is a sweet lady and know the church is true but just has issues but she will get there.  We have been teaching a family the Moors and their story is interesting and for a different time but the dad Jonathon called us out the blue and asked when the soonest he could be baptized because he felt the spirit praying and reading the book of Mormon and did not want to put it off any longer.  I love the Moore family they are so great and loving and have a great desire to learn the gospel.  On Sunday yesterday we had 10 investigators at church again a great miracle but it was stressful because I had to give a talk and so my poor companion was left to help them all and make sure they were comfortable but the ward as great as it is helped her and made the people feel comfortable.  So my companion had this dream about a family in Pamlico one hour away so we went to Pamlico and it was great the family was pure country and funny and welcoming the view of fields (of plants I cannot identify) was beautiful and we found out that it is the home town of Josh Turner from people we met who went to school with him.  We had to walk a mile to get to this house that was through the woods and if you know the south the woods are trippy.  The bugs kept attacking my companion but not me so I was grateful.  I love being the answer to people’s prayers that may sound selfish but I know that the lord has everything happen when they happen for a reason and he uses us to help those who are real need.  I love being a missionary and love tough things and love you all.
Sister Browning

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