Hello from the MTC!

Well my first week at the MTC was pretty good.  My first night I was unpacking and trying to get out of shock that I was finally here when the fire alarm went off.  Me and my district sisters being new though it was a drill and so we calmly left our room only to go into a hall of smoke everywhere and one sister was like wow they really know how to make it realistic but we realized that there was a fire in the microwave you got to love microwave popcorn (it was the cause of the fire).  After my first day things sort of became normal for me.  I spent my day in class or in the gym or outside and then I sleep during the night.  So they randomly choose all these districts to try this new P90X exercise only this one is for Mormons and has cheesy names like Stripling Warriors.  They are intense and make me sore but it keeps me in shape.  We have that program every day at 6:00 A.M then we still have regular gym later on in the day.   Waking up at 6:00 is not too bad but trying to get dressed by 7:00 is the tough part because we usually have something at 7:00.  But I manage.  The residence halls are ok except for the bathrooms and beds.  I hate showering here because they are so nasty and the bed is gross in its own way. My companion is Sister Koeven she is going to South Carolina with me she is pretty great she is From Wyoming somewhere in the middle of nowhere.  So this is very crazy but I only have 1 1/2 week left here.  I leave June 4th which is a week from this coming Monday and then I am forced out into the big world of the South. My whole district is going to the south either Georgia or Alabama (me and sister Koeven are the only ones going to S. Carolina).  Being here has challenged me I realized that I am not a good teacher but the spirit is the better and I do not know how in the world I would be able to do it without the Lords Help.  I am grateful to be here and for all y'all and your prayers and love and support.  I love it here and while at times it is so challenging mentally and physically I know that what I am doing is true and so I will shower in the nasty showers and sleep in my nasty bed because I know my purpose as a missionary and I believe in it.  Again thank you all and till next week 
Love, Sister Browning!

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  1. I am so happy to hear from you! Since you're going to be out of the MTC in about a week I'm going to wait to write you a letter until you're in the mission field :) You're amazing!