Merry Christmas Part 1

Hey y'all I hope this email finds everyone well and happy! Things for me are great and the work is really moving along. Jason Maker is going to be baptized this Saturday:) and the whole ward is so excited and have done a great job of fellowshipping him and making him feel at home but as always there is opposition in all things 2ndephi 2:11 and Jason got really sick last Saturday and could not come to church and he is still sick so pray he gets feeling better.  It is going to be a crazy week we have so much to do it seems like before he is baptized but I know it is in the lord’s hands and it is his will so I do not worry much. Aaron who came last Sunday got antied and scared and does not want anything to do with us anymore :( but I know that I did all I could and it is not yet his time but the seed has been planted and he will one day be ready.  On Friday we had district interviews and it was just my district with President and Sister Holm and it was sweet to be in a small group like that it made me feel more special. A pretty cool experience from yesterday was we did not have anyone at church but we committed a less active to come but he didn't his name was Walter and so during the first speaker my awesome companion had a thought come to her that we needed to go out in the hall way and look for Walter.  so she told me and I said lets go after the speaker and so after the first speaker was done speaking we went out and walked around and nothing then she saw our elders in our district and she thought lets go and ask them if they have seen Walter and right as she walked over Walter walked up to the building. HE CAME!!! I was so so happy and was so glad that my companion followed the spirit.  On Saturday we were had planned to go and see a less active and so I typed in his address in the gps and when we got there we realized it was not anywhere near the less active we had planned to see but it was another less active and so we decided to go and try to see them and we met Caren who is the daughter of the Less active and she told us the story of how when the Greenville ward spilt a couple months ago the ward lost contact with her and so no one has been over to see her since then and she was really upset and mad at the church and so was Caren but we were just nice back and polite and by the end she was way nice and cool and wanted us to come back to see her and her mom. It was a pretty good mistake that turned miracle we plan to help her and her mom fix the issues and get them back to church where they belong.  This week is going to be crazy but I know I will love it I hope your Christmas week is great and full of happiness and joy and sharing. Till next time
Love Sister Browning

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