Hey ya'll

Man what a crazy week sorry about last week and not emailing but what happened was our mission is doing a big lift and last Monday was our areas turn to be lifted up and so we spent the day preparing for it.  It was awesome and really helpful.  To end the big lift we had a no more stranger’s fireside with our president and investigators and we had one less active come Walter Nesbit who needed the message and is working on coming back to church.  it was pretty sweet.   KK had to unexpectantly move to Florence but she still loves the gospel and wants to be baptized and she is still working towards that.  On Friday we were on lock down all day due to an ice storm which was interesting I was so amazed at how ice could be built up that fast and people laugh when I tell them of how impressed I was and they say that this storm was nothing compared to what it could have been.  It was a good day we relaxed and watched movies and cleaned our apartment. It was so cold that day that it was unbearable to go outside and be out more than a few minutes before you felt like you were going to turned into a popsicle.  On Sunday Walter Nesbit came to church and stayed for only sacrament meeting but it is a start.  I love you all and thank you for your love and support and I hope you have a great week

Love Sister Browning

Hello From Greer!

Hello from beautiful Grrr South Carolina this past week just flew by I do not know where it went.  So this week we have been spending a lot of time with KK who is getting baptized on the 26th she is so excited and her two little boys zander (2) and Christopher (1) are a handful but they are so cute and fun and love going to church too.  We have been really focusing on getting her involved with the members and the ward.  She came to church yesterday and we saw her later and visited and after she said the sweetest prayer.  She has been looking for a church and has never found one that could answer all the questions she had until she read the book of Mormon and it all clicked and made sense to her that  Christ would come to the America's and teach them the gospel as he did in Jerusalem. After that everything fell into place she has no word of wisdom issues because she never wanted to be that type of example to her kids. At church so many ward members had nonmembers come that we got super overwhelmed but it was a great experience to talk to and meet so many people and we were grateful for the members and their trust in us to introduce us to their friends and family it was super comforting. KK is a big focus for us and just helping her and making sure she has everything she needs and is ready for the 26th but I know it is her time to be baptized and that is what the Lord wants for her right now.

So Pretty cool experience we had a mission wide sisters conference in Columbia on Wed and I got to see all of my old companions and Sister Garlick who is still in Florence came up to me and told me a girl we met was getting baptized and I was so shocked and this is why.  So one hot day in Florence we had a rough day nothing was working out like it should have and it was almost time to go in but I said lets do one more door so we did and we met Rosland who was not friendly in fact she yelled at us an told us of where she thought we were going and on and on and on.  We managed to leave and get home but it hurt really bad.  On the next Monday Preparation day I got an email and in the email I read a quote from the previous general conference in the priesthood session from President Monson he said that the way Heavenly Father sees his children is how we should see them too and so I felt bad because my impression of Rosland was not good but I decided to forgive her and love her as heavenly fathers daughter even if she hates me and the gospel.  At the sisters Conference this past wed I Found out that she got baptized and that she had a change of heart somewhere and now she is happy.  I learned to never give up and always see people as they really are not a number or just a normal person but a child of God.  I love y'all and hope you have a great week and day keep warm. 

New Year Goals!

Happy New Year happy 2013 it is a great year and I am so happy to be here and on a mission.  So our President really specified to set goals for the year and so I set goals for my mission because I will be on my mission for most of the year so but I am still working on them.  This week was awesome as always.  So remember the story of Cheryl who we helped move out of her apartment well on Saturday we were walking feeling really down because nothing was working out so we thought but we met a girl that we met when we helped Cheryl move out her name is Kalayla she is so sweet and when we taught about the book of Mormon she knew it was true and it made sense to her that Jesus would visit other people beside the people in Jerusalem.  And on Sunday yesterday she came with her two boys and it was the perfect Sunday because it was all about families and Kalayla loved it and is coming back. She is so solid and sweet! I am excited for her to learn and grow more.  So this week we have a sisters conference which is super fun since we don’t get together very often and I will be able to see all of my friends and catch up with them and their areas.  The weather has been OK pretty chilly but I still love it. Being a missionary is the best thing ever I learned so much one goal I set for this transfer is to read all the talks in the Oct general conference from 2008 and there is one talk that I loved about the Lord’s arms of mercy and what mercy means and how it applies to the sacrament. It changed my life and how I look at the sacrament I learned that the lord loves us and his arms are always extended waiting for us to come to him. The ward here loves us and always serving us so at times I feel bad because of how spoiled I am here.  I hope and challenge everyone to set goals to improve yourself.  I love y'all and thanks for the love and support! Till next time
Love Sister Browning