I Love being a Missionary!

WOW what changes are coming and so many things are happening I cannot believe it at all.  First last Tuesday Kelley Moore was baptized by her recently converted Husband Jonathon Moore that was great and she was so happy and she felt the spirit and had a smile on the whole day even the whole week I love this family so much it hurts but so worth it.  The good news is that my twelve weeks are up of training and transfer are this coming week and I know that I will be in Florence for two more transfers but me staying in Florence for two more transfers means that I will be training a new sister missionary fresh from Provo so yes I just got done with twelve weeks and yes I get to start it all over again.  Our president called us on Saturday telling Sister Allen that she would be leaving and thanked her for her service in Florence and then asked if I would train next two transfers.  There are so many emotions and I ask for all your prayers to help me.  It is a scary thing to be a trainer only after finishing up my training but I know that I have been called and asked so I will do it and will love it I am excited to train and I know many miracles will happen just as they have happened for my training.  The bad news is that sadly Sister Allen is leaving me and Florence.  This area will not be the same without her it will not be worse but it will not be the same we have worked so hard and have had many miracles but I know that it is her time to leave and my time to take control and lead this area to the best of my ability.  Lately I have been thinking like crazy focusing on how I am going to train what I need to know and remember  I think of my fears that I have but then I pray and ask for help and I feel comfort and peace.  I know this is the Lords work and that he knows the whole plan and he has goals for the next two transfers that my new companion and I will accomplish.  I am so glad to be in Florence for three more months I love this area so much.  I love this gospel and I have seen first-hand how it can change lives especially families the joy and happiness the Moores have in their home is something they did not have before the gospel it has brought them closer together.  It is interesting being a missionary the feelings and experiences you have that are indescribable  that the only way to know it is to experience it there is nothing like it .  I love you all and thank you for your prayers and continue to ask for them I love you and pray for y'all as well.
Love Sister Browning

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