A Missionary Life is the Best Life!

Hey y'all so little time but so much to write but first of I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!!! It is the best thing ever and the great news is that I learned that sisters can go on all the missions they want so that does not sound bad at all if you ask me ;).  I learned a few things this week 1 the rain storms are nothing like Idaho's the roads literally become rivers and you get so drenched and wet but I loved it.  2 Never call a palmetto tree a palm tree (I learned from experience) 3 Being a missionary I have put my all into being the best missionary and I have had so many miracles because of it like for example Me and my companion were knocking and we met this lady who was praying for a good book to read so we gave her a book of Mormon and she was so grateful.  Another miracle came from when I was explain something to a sister and she interrupted me and said that she had been praying for someone to say that to her and she had the chills and felt very good about what I was saying to her the crazy thing is that I do not even remember what I said but I was blown away and it was a very neat experience.  I love my ward that I work with I work a lot with the ward doing a pilot program in which only my mission in the whole world is doing it is called the BRP and we work with the members and help them feel confident and want to give names for us to contact and that is where the real success of my two weeks have been is by those people My testimony has been strengthened so much by this program and my love for the ward is even greater each day. I feel humbled each and every day because of the spirit that I have felt and I know that I have put a good day’s work in.  The people here know there is something different about us missionaries and it is something they desire and so they come to us but there are also people who choose to fight instead of learn so we just love them and let them go and pray for their souls to change.  I have never been a minority like I am here but it is great and humbling and I am grateful that I did grow up in a good strong area.  Well I love you all and pray y'all are so great
Love Sister Browning


Hello from South Carolina!

Hello from Florence South Carolina Things here are very different.  South Carolina reminds me of Island Park with all the trees but instead of looking for animals we look for people.  The bugs here are huge and love legs to bite and the weather is hot and I am always so sweaty and smelly and gross and people keep telling me to just wait just wait it will get hotter People are not always nice and I am told that I am going to hell every day and others just ignore me.  But aside from it all I love it.  Every day when we are headed back to our apartment I cannot help but smile and look around at all the beauty that South Carolina has to offer the people the trees the weather and I am just so thankful to be here I know I am at home here.  I have the best trainer in the world her name is Sister Allen from Cedar city and she is such a hard worker and pushes me every day to go a little further but she is so encouraging and I love teaching with her and learning from her.  The people are all generally nice and most of the time treat us with respect and will at least maybe listen to us a little bit.  The religions are so diverse and different and every time that I meet someone who despises our beliefs I always leave them with my testimony a little stronger and never weakened.  I love this gospel so much the people here never really know what we really have because of all the anti that exists but every once in a while I can get see the light in someone’s eyes and I do not know if they will be converted but I can see the little difference that I make in them.  My companion tells me that every day we always make a difference no matter where we are.  I love you all so much some of the picture is from the match sorry I will get some of South Carolina next week.  Love you all and l Love the work.
Till next week
Sister Browning