"Be not afraid, only believe" Mark 5:26

Hello Hello hello I hope this email finds everyone well and happy.  I am doing great as always no surprise.  This past week has been so crazy and busy.  I did get a new companion her name is sister Garlick she is from Centerville Utah.  I am getting used to being a trainer and I learned that being stressed does not do anyone any good. I learned total reliance on the lord and how he will always help.  On wed after transfer I was a mess I did not know why I had to train there were so many better than I and I did not know enough and I realized how this would not be easy but probably the toughest things I would ever do.  After feeling sorry for myself I realized that the person I was acting like is not the missionary the lord needs and I needed to change my attitude and be the best example of a missionary that sister Garlick needs.  I did a lot of prayer and reading of the scriptures and things got better there are still times of doubt and stress but I know that the lord has a plan and goals for this time and I need to endure the stressful times and go on.  It took a few days but now we have a system down and are working hard finding and teaching people. In study I found the scripture Be not afraid only believe I believe the lord knows what he is doing and I do not so I put all my faith in him and I am going to work every day to be the perfect missionary during the rest of my mission.  The Moore is still solid they have had so many miracles since their baptisms it is crazy but they love this gospel and what it has done for their family.  Sorry this is short but I love y'all so much thanks for all the prayers truly they are felt. 
Love always and forever
Sister Erica Browning

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