MTC Week 2!

Hello it is so weird that this is my last Thursday and that next week at this time I will be in South Carolina teaching I am so excited for the people but not the weather I met some people who live in South Carolina and they look at my outfit and tell me that I will not want to wear that there so but I do have outfits that they did approve which is good.  Ok so to make my stay here at the MTC fun I made a little bucket list of things to do here and it has been amazing because most of the things on the list that I thought would never happened.  For instance I wanted to work at the TRC which missionaries go and talk to people who volunteer to be investigators and one night they had too many missionaries and asked me and my comp to be an investigator it was a lot of fun and great to learn from the investigators point of view.  The second thing on my list was to be a host missionary to the new missionaries and I was asked to do that last week. It did not bring back any memories because my first day here was such a shock that I forgot most everything I did but I loved being the person to comfort and give encouragement to the new sisters and welcome them.  The third item on my bucket might have to wait a little longer so there are these golf carts that are everywhere that employees drive around and I think they look so much fun and easier to get from building to building but that can wait and I will be ok.  I leave officially Monday Morning at 4:00 A.M crazy and that is the time that I have to be at the bus so I  need to wake up earlier that like at 3:00 and that is a little too early for me.  I feel that these past two weeks have pushed me to be the person that my investigators need to be converted of Christ I learned to rely on the Spirit so much when teaching and learning but it has been a great feeling that is indescribable but I love you all and next time I write will be in South Carolina.
Sister Browning

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