Freezing Cold!!!

So I have survived these past few days of bitter humidity coldness and I am just so grateful to be alive…ok so I am a little dramatic but it was unreal of how cold it was never do I remember it getting so cold so fast on my mission. This past week has been awesome and great here is the low down:
Monday: Katie Peebles took us on a historic tour of Camden saw a lot of cemeteries and old revolutionary houses, it was very cool. Chris and Judy dropped us by ignoring us so that was a downer but it is ok everything always has a way of working itself out!
Tuesday we had a sisters’ conference! There are 102 sisters in our mission it filled the whole chapel but it was very spiritual and much needed.
Wednesday I was in Columbia on an exchange and wanted Moes for lunch and Sister Barbara Clow came and this was a great surprise that I did not expect I loved seeing her.
Thursday we had a lesson with Mary Hammond whose husband is getting baptized on the 9th of this month although he was working it was fun to read the book of Mormon with Mary.
Saturday we had a lesson with Robert and a member Cookie Adams who is so sweet and a really cool lady I love her name.
Sunday Robert came to church and brought his step son and his wife who we never thought would ever come to church again but they did and loved it Elder Homer actually taught the wife Trisha Helton it was great to see them.
So here is a miracle so you may plant a lot of seeds on your mission and never know what happens to them but every once in a while you know and find out where they are at. Well on Sunday I did.  1 year ago it was cold and raining and I was so young as was my companion and we did not know what to do and so we prayed and after the prayer I looked up and saw a light and I said lets go knock that house so we did and met Kim Singultary and Waddell they were not married and had one baby and one on the way but we taught and got a return appointment and we went back and no one was there and we lost contact until 1 week before I left Florence she called us and said she wanted to meet with us and so we went and she talked of her troubles and we said if you come to church we will help you well she never did and we did not know what to do so we left it to the lord. A couple months later I found out Waddell had been arrested for abuse and so now Kim was living alone and she was learning.  A couple weeks ago missionaries from Florence came to me and asked me her story and I told them what I knew and they said well she is getting baptized and she was this past weekend.  Missionary is not a singular thing it takes many missionaries the spirit the ward to bring someone in to the gospel and so we all have a responsibility  if one part is lacking than that person may get baptized but without the ward they will not stay I know that is true every part is crucial in missionary work these are his children and they are great in his sight there is no one not worth teaching.  I love it I love the challenge that it is the hard work and the pain I really do and am grateful for all the pain and growth he has given me and I am grateful to be an instrument in his hands it is his work his power and his will it has never been about me always about him and his children.  I love you all land hope you have a great week and day and keep safe and warm and I will do the same here hopefully. Till next week!
Love Sister Browning

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