Wherever You Grow Take Root and Grow!

Hey ya’ll so wow what a week it is definitely cooling off last night was the coldest 65 degrees it was chilly and I thought I don’t want to go home.  Life here is great we had a very successful week.  Robert Hammond came to church again and loved it and this time he brought his wife Mary.  Mary has many health problems and struggles going anywhere but she came we had a lesson with them both about repentance and Robert flat out said he wanted to be baptized and so he is now on date for Nov 9th we are so excited and so is everyone.  On Saturday we were invited to go to a child’s baptism in the ward and it was the neatest thing ever it was so cool and the spirit was so strong and it was just cool to have that perspective of a child’s baptism and how excited she was to make the covenant.  sister Havens was asked to give the holy ghost talk and after the baptism Bishop Luthy asked if I could speak in Sacrament meeting and so I did and spoke on Faith and as I sat up on the stand Mary and Robert came in and I was so happy and excited I was trying to tell my companion that they were here and she thought I was telling her I love her and so she was smiling and telling me she loved me too it was funny.  I do love her but that was not what I was telling her.  Chris and Judy have fallen off the face of the Earth and we have lost contact with them but hopefully we can find them and talk with them.  On Sunday we had a great relief Society lesson it was so great and awesome the teacher Sister Penrod had a great quote Wherever you are take root and Grow and she gave us all little plants so it is so better than a pet but it is a really cool little plant and I was so excited to have it.  This past week I studied of Christ and how he invited his disciples to follow him and to take up their crosses and forget the world and serve him and feed his sheep.  How grateful I am that he called me to serve I know he was the one that asked me to serve no one else told me that I should serve a mission but he invited me and has greatly blessed me funny how when you try to give him something and he blesses you ten times more amazing and truly beautiful.  I love being a missionary I love the south and love serving with all these people I love them all even those who don’t feel the same about us but you can go nowhere else and talk to complete strangers of Christ and they will talk with you and discuss their love for Christ.  There is nothing better. I love you all and hope you have a great week and day, be safe and true. 
Till next week love Sister Browning

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