Well This is It!

So because I leave on Tuesday and not on Thursday I am currently at the mission home in my pjs in the living room sitting here at 10:40 emailing ya’ll.  President wanted us to email tonight since we would have no time tomorrow but man so I have a math question for ya'll.
What is 5 pairs of worn down shoes+4 areas+ 5 companions + 1000 of Baptists + 400 churches=?
Answer 1 awesome mission.  I cannot believe it is here and that my mission is ending it truly goes by so quickly words can never describe how I feel right now no one can understand except heavenly father and Christ the savior I love my mission and love the person I became I am a better changed person. I am so grateful more than anything for my mission and would not have wanted anything else but I love you all and will see you soon this is Sister Browning signing off from the SCCM best time of my life

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