One of the Best Weeks!

So this week has been great it starts with Friday we had a zone meeting and there we were told that we could go to the temple and so I did not wait a day to go and got the chance to go today and so we took our pday today so that is why the late email but the temple was so great and refreshing of my purpose and the savior and his role in preparing a way for us to make back to him.  Robert Hammond is getting baptized this Saturday and is so ready the only issue is his truck is broken so please pray that his truck gets fixed and he can have his truck back he is so sweet and sincere he does not remember a lot and struggles learning the material but whenever people doubt him I tell them to ask him why he wants to be baptized and this is his answer because he feels at home and wants to come closer to the savior and to change his life and he knows this is the way he needs to do it and that is a sufficient answer to be baptized he is humble and has that desire so he is getting baptized on SaturdayThen another Miracle happened Sunday so we have a part member family the wife and two kids are very active and Nick the husband was so close so we dropped by on Sunday and had dinner and he finally agreed for the 16th of November to be baptized after 12 years of waiting this family is finally getting their dream and on their way to an eternal family and it is so much fun because no one knows but us and the family and the bishop so Nick wants to tell a certain family before anyone else knows so keep it a secret but he is so ready and excited and his interview is tonight and he will pass.  I tell you what life could not be any better I have been so high on the spirit that it has caused me to not sleep at nights so I don’t sleep much but hey I can nap later because right not I am preaching and love it and would not be anywhere else. So today at the temple I saw so many people from my previous areas and was able to see them all and to hug them and thank them and got caught up on lots of people I knew and it made my day things right now are so perfect just perfect and I know that because I did my very best to work hard the lord is blessing us and this area and ward Last Sunday was one of the best testimony meeting ever that I have been too we had many less actives bear their testimony it was all about families being eternal the spirit was so strong and thick I was crying it was beyond this work the feeling that was there.  My mission is the best I am very heartbroken that I have to leave but I would not change a single second I love you all and hope you have a great day and week and I will talk to you on Monday hopefully don’t know but probably Till next time Love sister Erica Browning

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