Guess Who Came To Town?!?

The answer is not Santa Clause the answer is Elder Bednar he came to our mission twice in one year and I was at both what an experience so many questions were answered all by the spirit and put me at ease.  I cannot explain what I learned or what he said it is impossible but hopefully soon I will be able to show you.  This month has truly been a November to remember.  After 10 years Nick Cole was finally baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday the joy on his and his families faces were priceless so many people came to support him even people from Alabama came for his baptism.  He is really funny he kept calling me and sister Havens his posse because we organized everything but he was so happy and did not thank us but that is a compliment to me because I did not convert him the spirit and the faith and prayers of his family I just came to dinner and let him decide what he wanted to do. On Friday we went to the temple again to see a less active I taught go through the temple she was so beautiful in white and it made me cry to see her in white she has touched my life.  She told me that she was starting to go back to church but then one night decided that she was going to stop and never go back but then she got a knock at the door by these two soaking wet sister Missionaries sister Eames and Sister Browning This ward no longer needs me and that is also a compliment and here is how I figured this out.  On Saturday Robert who was baptized last Saturday fell and was in the hospital and when I found out the person who was telling me said sister Browning you are no longer responsible for him we are and the ward is handling it so don’t worry I just wanted to cry not because I was sad but because I was so happy and relieved and feel ok that they no longer need me here.  My companion Sister Havens is stepping up and taking control of this area and making it her area.  I feel ok with leaving it still hurts but I know it will be ok and the spirit has helped me to gain understanding and peace and comfort I know it is not going to be easy but I know that because I am on Christ’s side everything will be ok. I know it will be I love you all have a great week and be safe and remember who you are.
Love Sister Browning

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