Hey Ya'll!

Ok so the funniest thing happened to me and to y'all it may not be a surprise.
So imagine this two girls dressed in church clothes coughing laughing and crying in a car whose windshield is covered with a red substance that looks like blood yeah that is the effects of pepper spray in the car  here is the story.This past week I went on a exchange with a sister Landon in Easley and we were having a great time and then she asked me to grab her phone in her purse and so  i did and I say that she had pepper spray in her bag too so I asked oh how does yours work and she showed me and then I had it in my hand and then all the sudden the windshield goes red and I realize that I accidentally pushed the trigger Sister Landon's eyes got so big as did mine I suppose and we started to cough and laugh and cry.  And as missionaries you know people notice us and we could only imagine what people thought of us as they drove by with us laughing crying and coughing.  The rest of the day our skin burned where we touched the stuff which was my punishment from Heavenly Father. We both were just laughing so hard it was awesome I am glad Sister Landon was not upset and that she could laugh and even while writing this it makes me cough and burn from the memory.  So this week Heavenly Father has tested us we have had to do a lot more traveling and so our miles have been low and we have been walking a lot this week well on Saturday came the rain and not just normal rain it was the southern rain where nothing will keep you dry and we knew that we had to work and we could not drive and so we prayed that people would have pity on us which some did and let us in and share a short message.  While I was in Easley we had many miracles happen we met a man named Major who was by chance looking for a church to go to and we just by chance stop by and he is prepared and we were able to invite him to come to church.  On Friday when we were walking all over Greer we felt impressed to go and see if a less active Amanda was at work and also to grab a treat because of how hard we worked we decided to treat our selves and so we were off and when we got there we found her and she was there and she came to us and just we hugged and she just cried she was having a rough day and prayed for someone to help lift her and then we showed up and gave a hug and message of peace.  I have been studying peace this week and what it is and I learned it is the outcome of our faith it is something we hope for and that nothing can give us peace more than our faith.  As a missionary I forget to search for the peace and show the faith I have seen how when stress is in our work it is not fun not peaceful at all but when we rely and let the lord take the front and lead the way and not go the other way we can feel peace and gratefulness he has  for us in doing his work.  I feel that I have only done a teaspoon of what he has given me but I love it.  Yesterday Elder Packer of the seventy came to stake conference and really focused on the youth it was so great t he youth are the leaders of tomorrow and will be here when the second coming happens and so they need to be ready and a lot of youth need to be prepared.  I love it here even though I am soaked to the bone and my nicely straight hair is narley and curly it is all worth it.  Thank you for your love and prayers and cant wait to see what the Lord has for us this week Be safe and good and stay away from pepper spray trust me it is not worth the pain.
love Sister Browning

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