Time is Flying by!

Wow Monday already so crazy how fast time is flying and not only that but April is almost over.  Yesterday was a missionaries farewell and I just cried it probably looked a little ridiculous but it was so powerful the power a mission can have on a person and it helped me think back on my mission and how much I have grown I see it I understand so much more. Nothing can take what I know no matter what they say or know every day we go out facing people whose purpose is to destroy our faith that we have and we never know who is going to be at the door or the type of person we will meet and we meet all types of people some who try to destroy us and some who ignore us but we do find those who are prepared and ready to accept and hear and that is why we do this is to find that one soul who will open their door and heart and let a type of spirit into their hearts that will make them melt.  I love it sometimes it is hard and discouraging more often than the Joy we experience the disappointment and discouragement and sadness anger stress but the good joy and spirit we feel always outweighs the bad and even then the worst day on my mission is equal to the best day off my mission.  We had a great opportunity to go and do sheparding visits and most of the sisters on that list were new to the ward and were all active but just have not had the opportunity to come to church yet and it was a great day to go and visit and get to know the new sisters in the ward and we look forward to work with them.  Thank you for your time and I pray for all y'all all the time and hope you are all well and happy have a great week and be good and choose the Right.
Love always Sister Browning

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