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Ok so get this.  We were knocking and met a man who thought we were Satanists for going to church on Sunday and not Saturday, and a rabid dog was throwing itself at the glass door so yeah I ran away like a thief in the night. We were committed to find out for ourselves if we truly were saved or not and then we met a lady who was in tears begging us to come to her church because of how wrong we were and then she tried to convince us of how awesome the youth program is and that we could be friends with her kids. And all this happened within a 24 hour period.  We just smile and love them that is the best thing we can do and I truly do love them can’t help but to love them.  But we just laughed and go on and continue to do this work.  This past week we had two sets of exchanges one with the sisters from Irmo who are our coordinating sisters.  I was with Sister Brand who is so funny we went to see this member and they live on this mountain that you have to drive up and it is very tricky but I did not tell her about it till we got to the foot of the mountain thankfully she just laughed and courageously continued on but the whole way up no matter how scared she was I told her to keep going because if she did than we would go backward or get stuck and I learned a valuable lesson sometimes we are driving up a steep mountain or have a trial and all we can do is keep going and never stopping because if we don’t we don’t get to the top and miss out on the view and the view was great one of the best in South Carolina on the blue ridge mountains it was awesome.  Then on Friday I went to Anderson with Sister Roundy a new missionary who is now a trainer and building up an area it was so much fun we met so many people and had so many miracles one we were eating dinner and went to the nearest restaurant and we were looking for a place to sit when an old women names Martha Walker told us to come and sit with her and we did and she was a hoot she was a comedian and making us laugh so hard we could not breathe that was a tender mercy to be able to laugh. So this week has been great and I love being a missionary never have I been so tired but yet never have I been so happy so it is all the worth it. The bad out numbers the good but the good outweighs the bad.  Be good and have a blessed week.
Love Sister Browning

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