Happy Belated Mothers Day! Especially to my Mom!

 Hello and Happy belated Mother’s day to all women we had a wonderful speaker yesterday who just put all women on a pedestal but it was so spiritual that it made me cry and appreciate all women in my life and the example ya’ll have set for me. I have the best elders in my district they really came through for us this past Thursday. Elder Korth From Idaho and Elder Hugh from Utah but on Thursday we received a random phone call from  Dr. Faye Heart who said that she got our number from sisters previous and that they used to come and visit and help her.  She recently was in a car accident and really struggling with back problems and asked if we could come and help with a few chores so we agreed.  We went and helped her and she mentioned how her house was broken in to and she was still recovering from it.  We mentioned that someone could come and give a blessing on her and her home to help give her peace and she agreed.  We called our Elders who dropped everything they had planned and biked right over and gave her the sweetest blessing on her and her home they explained it so beautifully and I was so impressed by them and their service.  Dr. Hart just felt the peace and it was amazing of how quickly her countenance changed all because two elder were willing to serve no matter what.  We have so many opportunities to serve and I pray constantly to recognize the opportunity to serve.  That is one thing I learned that I promised to be the lords representative and that means doing his will whether it be service or teaching  no matter who or where it is my calling and responsibility to share the saviors love with all his children.  I learn so much every day and am amazed at how fast it all flies by I love ya’ll and hope you have a great week keep safe and ASAP
till next time Love Sister Browning

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