Life is Great!

WOW where did the week go the weeks just zoom by faster every week and I wish it would slow up just a little bit. This week was great I grew to love my mission so much just this past week and to really understand the Savior and his love that he has for all us and that he is pleading and looking and preparing them for the church and gospel and to give them the opportunity to come closer to him.  On Saturday we were able to celebrate Hands on Greenville (HOG) and to give service in the community and to clean a parking lot of an outreach and it felt weird to be in pants I will tell you that but I was glad to go and help them and to represent the church and the savior.  I love this gospel so much it has changed my life and it just shows how much He really does love us enough to allow us to feel his love and to help us become like him.  I hope y'all have a great mother’s day and enjoy time with your families I love y'all and thank you for your love and prayers. Till next week!
Love Sister Browning

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