The Lord Always Knows!

So I got a call on Saturday I have never prayed so hard to stay in an area before but I am leaving Hopkins and my heart aches right now but I have been good I know it is the lords will and it will be ok but you would think that after leaving two other areas it gets easier but it does not and now I am leaving and going to a new area for sisters and training a brand new sister from the MTC and sister Eames is staying here and also getting a brand new sister missionary from the MTC but I have full confidence in her and know that she will do great things in her mission yesterday was my last Sunday and the bishop stands up and asked me to  bear my testimony I am so grateful to have had the little time I did here I know that my whole mission before this has prepared me for this area I felt at home with all these wonderful people and to be by the temple was just the cherry on top. Enough about that though I am excited to go to a new area.
On the bright side VERN WAS BAPTIZED!!!!! It was so great she was so happy and had a glow on her and it makes me so happy to see her so happy.  Right before she was baptized we started in the relief society room and then when it was time for her to go into the water Brother Mitchell stood up and said "sister Eames Browning lead her to the font" and we walked with her to the font it was the best walk through the church ever to have vern in-between me and sister Eames walking to the font the rest of Vern’s life I was crying but hid it well I think but it was so special and powerful.  Now she is looking forward to the temple in one year.
One thing I learned on my mission very early was that Heavenly father did not send me here to help me he sent me here to help others it has never been about me but others who would have thought serving the lord for others and not yourself. But I learned that and it is important because I know that is my purpose I am his everything I do is for him and he is going to open the way for me to do what he needs me to do to help him and right now that is to go to a new area and help them. I love being a missionary and it is so hard to believe that I only have twelve weeks left it is so little of time compared to how long I have been out but enough about that I love ya’ll and can’t wait to tell you where I end up thanks for the prayers and love keep up the awesomeness.  I love all ya’ll.

Love sister Browning

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