Little Miracles!

Hey ya’ll from Camden this place just gets cooler and cooler everyday these people are so diverse and funny I love them they are all great.  This week we finally got our map and could start working hard in our area so we started and have seen so many little miracles that they are just enough to tell me that I need to be here and there are people here I need to find. I just need to be more patient with myself and with the area and just trust.  I read in Alma 31:31 about a plea to find peace and comfort and then at the bottom there is a foot note to John which is a reply about how if we come unto Christ than we will find that peace because it is only in the world that we find tribulation which is so true it is only in Christ and his gospel that we can find the most peace.  Yesterday we were knocking and found an Atheist named Shane and he told his beliefs and it depressed me the thought that this is it there is nothing after and we become worm food forever I could not bear to think about it.  The elders met a family that live in a women’s homeless shelter and the elders are not allowed to be there so we got permission to go and teach them so we did and they are so awesome two months ago they lost their dad/husband and they are trying to overcome it and stay afloat and they need this gospel and so pray that they can have that desire I worry about anti the mom Stella brought up anti questions so that is a fear I have and I don’t want to lose them very sweet family and very cool. We are also working with the Taylor family who have been investigating the church for 17 years but they have a fear of change and the two boys and the mom love the church and know it is true but the dad is the one with the fear but we have a lesson with them tonight so we hope it goes well and we can help him more.  Things are great and I love being a missionary on the tough days when it is hard to work and be diligent I always ask myself do I love my mission and the answer is always the same yes I do with all my heart I love this time of my life and all the bad times that come with it. Thanks for your prayers and love they are felt and needed I love all ya’ll too and hope you have a great week and day and be safe and healthy.
Till next time Love Sister Browning

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