Fall is in the Air!

Hey ya’ll so man it is fall here nice and cool and not humid very much sounds like a perfect combination for missionary work. This week has been a roller coaster of diligence and obedience and still searching for those who are ready to accept the gospel.
This last Tuesday was my last zone conference as a missionary in this mission it was great it was awesome all about how not to stress and we got this new booklet that I wish would have come earlier on my mission but at least I have it and can use it now it is really fun to do and motivating.  Then on Tuesday we met with the Taylors and had a great lesson on Baptism and why they needed to be baptized and they are praying for October 12th for the date so we committed them to pray specifically for that day.  We have a new ward sister missionary Katie Peeples she is the best she is so willing to take us and help us she wants to use her testimony and grow stronger so it has been cool to have her.  On wed we went to find a less active to bring him to the book of Mormon class and he came Tyrone he is so sweet and when we got there everyone already knew him and loved him and he just went around like he knew what to do and it was funny and a happy site he felt at home again I do not know why he stopped coming but he is coming back.  Thursday was fun we went to the North Country and just walked everywhere and down the dusty roads knocking visiting fewer actives it was fun and an adventure.  Friday we went on an exchange with our Sister training leaders and I stayed here in Camden with Sister Titus who was my roommate when I served in Hopkins so that was fun to get a chance to be with her. We were able to be where we needed to be and it was comforting to know that the spirit was guiding us and that we were the instruments.  On Saturday I was tired and exhausted all we did was knock and walk and by 6 pm I was done and we did not have success and so we continued to work diligently and my companion felt inspired to knock on one more door and we met Lynn who is a spiritual man and let us talk and teach him about the  book of Mormon it was just what I needed to have to be able to finish the night it was so worth it and awesome I learned something cool this week I was thinking and doubting myself as a missionary and the thought came to me that Heavenly Father does not doubt he know we can accomplish anything he does not doubt but Satan does and Satan uses that to pull us down and to fail but we need to always remember that Heavenly Father never doubts he only sees who we truly are and he is so understanding when we don’t reach that potential and so encouraging I know it is true and that this gospel is true and it is the happiness of the world.  I love being a missionary and love my calling me love wearing Christ name every day and love pondering him and his love and his encouragement. I love you all and hope you have a great week and day I love you and pray for you keep safe and happy.
Love Sister Browning

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