Tender Mercies of the Lord!

Hey Y'all from the beautiful weather of South Carolina yesterday and today was in the 80's with no humidity when we walked out we were blown away with how easy it was to breath.
Well here is our week in a nutshell
Monday we went to the zoo in the rain and got soaked but it was great we went with Sister Bonni it is funny I did not know what smelled worst the wet animals or us hehehehehe.  Monday night we go to Family Home Evening and the previous week we joked about having it at our apartment well no one knew the rule that they could not come to our apartment and so they all took it serious thankfully we were able to tell everyone but one family who drove to our apartment and found out no one was there she eventually forgave us and now we owe them all cookies but the funniest part was the lesson it was on No Corrupt communication.
Tuesday we got pied in the face by the elders because we lost a bet and so we lost and got pied but it was pretty fun and we were all laughing. we had an appointment with Vern but she bailed on us and was not there but we studied with benny her husband we were both worried that we went the next morning and she was telling us of how she was with her daughter and mad because her daughter mad her  miss her study class with her angels.  We laughed in relief that she was still solid and very excited for this coming Saturday.
Wed we had no more strangers fireside and my 7th interview with president holm it was great I cried because I realized the little time I have left on my mission and it is a bitter sweet thing right now but Vern came to the fireside and met president and sister Holm and she loved it and felt the spirit she is so great I love her so much.
Thursday we have a part member family who has been through so many sets of missionaries but never sisters so we went and she told us she is not interested so we are going at her with a different approach and serving her and she is letting us and she really opened up to us and told us she loves us so that is awesome and so it is going to be slow but I feel like one day she will be baptized.
Friday WE had dinner with the clow family the highlight of my week and it was great they are so awesome and are great I love them they are my family and take great care of us it was just a beautiful thing than that night we had another lesson with vern who again was with her daughter but this time she told her husband to wait for us and to stall us and study while she arrived so we did it was fun. Also on Friday one of the senior missionaries had an emergency and had to go home and so on Friday president called some missionaries to go and hear her testimony and say good bye it could have been sad but it was happy and she was ready to take on what heavenly father had given her it was a bitter sweet moment but I love her and miss her so much already.
Saturday the elders in our ward Melissa she has made a great change and was so happy to be baptized you could see it on her face and she was thrilled.
Sunday Vern came and stayed for all three blocks and loved them all I sat by her in Sunday school and was so happy I just smiled as I watched her learn.  Sunday night we had some major confusion we accidentally had two dinners planned and what happened was we first had two on Saturday and then we moved on to Sunday but then the other one had to change to Sunday and it was too late to change them around again so we had two dinners on Sunday one was steak and big potatoes and the other one was sushi which made my companion sick poor girl I felt so bad but she is feeling better. But we learned a very great and important lesson from all this.
Today is Monday we are taking one the Colombia sisters to the mission office so she can go to her real mission in Australia for the last week of the transfer we are a three pack with Sister Titus and we will work in both Hopkins and Columbia it is going to be crazy busy but great because VERN is getting baptized on Saturday.
This transfer is over we have transfer calls this week and I could stay or leave sister Eames no longer needs me and that is a good thing she is solid and always has been and will do great things no matter what.  I will tell all ya’ll what happens next Monday but I love yam and hope you have a great week Wish me luck and pray for me and our areas.

Love Sister Browning

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