People are like Peaches!

So get this analogy people are like peaches when we first meet them they are hard and green and bitter but if you wait a few days they become soft and sweet to taste and desirable.  We meet lots of people who are bitter and hard but as time goes by they soften up and become sweet and ready to partake of the gospel.  Is not that great I thought about it all by myself. I love being a missionary I cannot say that enough!! This week has been great as always.  Monday we went to the Zoo and met so many people we were able to introduce to the gospel just a little bit but hey a seed is a seed.  Every Monday we go to Family Home evening at a members house and two other families come one of which is less active and we go and enjoy and share our testimonies so tonight we are going to the Whitfield’s to have family Home evening his wife is a less active and very sweet and funny.  Then on Tuesday we got to put on pants and go and paint and good news no paint on the car (dad) but it was so much fun took most of our morning we work in the morning because by ten the humidity is out in full blast and you start to drip in sweat. Than on Tuesday we got to go to  Irmo and visit all the new sisters and see some of my mission friends transfers were Wed and on Tuesday they have all the Trainers come for training so we went to get three sisters who would be staying with us that night and All the new missionaries looked so cute and young and fresh I remember my first day in South Carolina and being scared and I must have looked like a deer in the headlights some of the new sisters had that look and I loved to meet them and feel of their spirit with the age change I have been amazed to see how prepared and smart these younger sisters are. Then Wed we went out to the middle of corn fields and met Akil and Jeremy we were walking down a dirt road and came up to their house and they  were interested Jeremy is more interested spiritually and Akil is more interested to learn more than anything but both have great potential and we have high hopes for them.  Also on Wed we went and visited a less active Sister Godwin and brother Godwin they have honey bees so we took a tour of his honey bees and they make their own bee boxes where you can observe them and then they gave us soap to keep made from their bees wax it was the coolest thing I have ever seen and we set up another appointment to go back and to work and help one day and see how he runs his bees He is not that  interested in coming to church so we are taking interest in his hobbies and hopefully we can help him they both are quitting smoking and doing great they both love us and we love them and love visiting them.  Thursday was a day of searching for less actives we went and visited a less active / part member the Fengers Sister Fenger is not a member but wants to be but has to be overcome some things right now but they are special and sweet and spoil us this whole ward spoils us and want to serve us and help us. Friday we went with a member family the McClure’s who took us to meet some friends who are ready to hear the gospel The coup family there is a Larry and Marg who are married and Bill who is Larrys Brother They are so sweet and love Family History and so prepared to hear the gospel it will be a few weeks before we go and teach though because Bill has cancer and is in Charleston for treatment so please pray all goes well.  Saturday was special sister Fenger had a friend going to the temple to get married and so she asked if we would come and sit with her outside while she waited as we sat there you could see the deep desire to go in in her face she will get there we need to help her. Sunday was a great day relaxing we had dinner with a less active family the Clows who fed us a great southern dinner and then we watched a church movie than later at the end of the day we had a few minute to knock and as we were wondering what house to knock so we stood at the end of the street looking just then a car came toward us and we started walking to a house and we met Katie Williamson who is so sweet she is married and has a 4 year old son who is so funny she was telling us of how recently she prayed to know what church she needed to go to no other church came close to what she wanted but she wants to talk with her husband before she learns so we are waiting on her and praying like no other that she will call us wanting to learn.  That was our week it was great but every day and week is great and they only get greater and greater  I love it the testimony I have gained and the love I have for the church and the savior it is so great I love ya’ll and hope you have a great week and a successful one at that.

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