Missionary Work and Rain!

Well the rain is back again we had a couple wet days but I like it makes me feel like a tough missionary working in the rain and there is more rain coming this week so I hear. This week has been great as always we really are trying to work hard and be where we need to be and to help those we need to see and finding those the lord has prepared for us to find.  This week we taught Vern twice the plan of salvation and the Restoration she just sits there and agrees and accepts it and loves it she has already made that decision to be baptized and nothing is going to stop her.  This pas weekend we had stake conference and she came with benny they loved it they just smiled it was awesome the conference was all about families and how they are so special in the church and how we need to be one in our families and in our wards I loved and cried as usual.  This place is so special and close to my heart all these people have stolen my heart and every time  I visit people in their homes I am amazed because just when I thought I could not love them any more  I am proved wrong these people are humble and accepting and let us come in and listen to us  I only pray to  be able to help them get a little closer I feel like  I am gaining more by knowing them than they probably get by listening to us but they continue to invite us back.  
 We met this man named Rene he call himself our special friend because he is he is gay and yet he lives in the south where that is not accepted at all but he was impressed with us and what we did he is learning and it is going to be a slow process with him but time does not matter as long as he gets it he lives with his mom who loves to testify and teach us and it is friendly and she means well she loves us and accepts us her sister is a member but she loves teaching and when she feels the spirit man she goes off and it is funny to see especially sister Eames who does not know what to do but she is learning young. I love sister Eames she is one of the best companions I have had we laugh and cry together and I feel so lucky and privileged to be with her I have always wanted a companion like her and I have her and sadly our time is coming to a close we only have two more weeks in this transfer and it amazes me how fast time goes.  I pray for it to stand still just for a moment but it won’t and I know it can’t but I can pray and continue to work hard.  I love you all and hope you have a great week and day Thanks for the love and prayers they are awesome I love all ya’ll. Till next week love Sister Browning 3rd Nephi 9:13-14 his only plea is for us to come unto him so simple and plain as day COME UNTO HIM

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