Eventful Week!

Ok so this week has been pretty great we started off Monday at the grand ol Congaree national forest which is just swamp and lots of it but it was so cool it was like a little Yellowstone that you walk through except more trees I will never again complain of there being too many trees in Yellowstone ever again but we were up for the challenge to spot some animals at the park we started off good  with seeing two small lizards and knew it was going to be grand so we went on and saw all the trees and swamp and then all the mosquitos came and they were HUGE never in my life have I seen any that big but we saw at least 1 million of them so that was pretty good and thankfully for bug spray to protect us from looking like balloons than half way through the park it rained and it down poured on us we were soaking wet and sadly the animals do not like the rain so they hid and we were not able to see any alligators but we are going back on a nicer p day to see them I am determined  but overall it was a great time I did spot a turtle on the side of the road and it was running as fast as it could be. We have been working and striving to find new people and boy did he bless us.  Tuesday we had a potential investigator call us out of the blue asking us to pray for her we were so impressed and grateful for Heavenly Father leading her to us and then to have her led to us again so we are going to teach her and help her during her hard time her name is Pamela Sumter very sweet and kind. Wed was great we have a less active who is a honey bee farmer and so we offered to come and help him he agreed and let us so we both went and put on all the gear and helped him in his honey bees but I related everything in the Hives to the gospel I learned of how hard they work in their lives and only do so little but that little bit makes a big contribution I hope to be like a honey bee and work as hard as they do. That was a great day and this week we are going to go and give service and make soap with them while we are teaching them of course it is fun and spiritual it is great! Also on Tuesday we met a Laquisha Adams who is a young mother and very prepared for the gospel she is so sweet she let us right in and taught her the 1st lesson she is very smart and very cool we are very excited.  Thursday we met Shelia who is a former investigator who met with missionaries but stopped progressing we went and visited her and she was so happy that we came and was really interested in us coming back this week! We prayed with her and the spirit was so strong we have high hopes for her.  Friday we had a great lesson with Gloria Mccampable who is a less active she is struggling with coming to church she know she needs to but we cannot figure out why she won’t come on Sunday so pray that she comes this next Sunday but we taught her the plan of salvation and it was a great lesson I love teaching that lesson so much it is my favorite and one that I love to see people just get. Saturday we wend and knocked finding new people to teach and we were walking down this dirt road when we saw two men sitting on a porch they invited us to come over and asked if we wanted to go horseback riding we declined and asked if we could share a message of Christ Lucky Leon and Frank Leon was drunk so he was in and out but Frank was listening and as we taught you could see the spirit touch him and at the end He said I know it was no coincidence that you came today I needed this he is so awesome and humble and ready to accept the gospel but the only thing is that he lives in a different town not in our area so we are going to give him to those elders but we know that they will teach and take good care of him. Sunday we had a less active surprise us and come to church named Charity we lost contact and so we were so shocked and happy but she came and loved it and is coming next Sunday as well Sunday evening we were walking following up with some potentials we had a lesson with Willie who loved the book of Mormon and is excited to read it and then we saw an investigator was home and she is hardly home so we stopped and she was so grateful but when we got there she has a dog named carter and something to know Sister Eames strongly dislikes dogs and it is funny because everyone in  South Carolina has a dog but she grins and is always is nice to dogs, so this dog comes up to her and jumps on her as she is standing and she is saying oh cute doggy but I know she is lying but Sharon our investigator yells and the dog leaves into the house and I see that the dog piddled on the ground and after Sharon leaves to put the dog away sister Eames looks at me and says the dog peeled on my toe I just laughed but she played it very well and did not let it bother her and we taught an amazing lesson it was so great and funny because it would happen to her who dislikes dogs but I love her and could not asked for a better companion at this time for me she is so hard working and loves the work. I have learned a lot this past week I realized my purpose as a missionary and how it is so simple and you do not need to be this grand leader or rich or educated all you need to do is know that Christ lives and then you will invite everyone to come and follow him that is our missions theme this transfer come follow me ( the savior) that is what I do I invite and I know that I am weak and have flaws but I am so grateful to be able to be here and to serve and invite other to follow Christ it is a humble purpose and it has taken this long for me to realize it but better late than never. This week is going to be great and fabulous great things are planned we have so many people to see and invite and Follow Christ so he can lead them safely home.  I love all y'all and hope you have a great and safe week. Love Sister Browning

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