So much has happened this past week I have not a clue where to start so I will start with Tuesday so on Tuesday our mission president came and we had a huge conference with all the missionaries in two stakes and then we had a Fireside for all our returning members and new members and investigators. I was so excited for Tuesday that on Monday night I could not sleep I knew that it was going to be a great help and the fireside was going to be so great and perfect for all our investigators and less actives but the worst thing happened I woke up on Tuesday morning with the flu and as sick as could be I was so sad because I knew that I would not be able to go that evening to the fireside but we decided to call President because he was at our church building and ask him if he could give me a blessing and he was glad to do it and so he did and then for the rest of the day I went home and slept and when I woke up that night and felt so much better and was able to go to the fireside I know that the priesthood healed me and that Heavenly Father allowed me to feel better so I could go and support our investigators who we had coming which all loved it and felt the spirit so strong. One of the r was Ed Banks who has a lot of guilt from his past life but  you could t ell he felt peace and felt the saviors love for him it was pretty neat
       So things have switched up and the 1st Presidency have given us more time to email and has given us permission to email all friends and family so have at it if you want to email me feel free to do it.
     Then the rest of the week has been overcoming the flu since my body needed rest so I took it easy and also did not want to spread my germs because it was so horrible but I survived and feel so much better. So this Wed is transfers and there are 12 new sisters coming to our mission and there are not enough missionaries to train so President Holm called us and asked if we would both train Sister Canaan has not been here more than 5 weeks and is already a trainer and I will be training again in Greer. I am so excited to be staying in Greer I love it here the people are so nice and friendly and I get three months to be here and give all I can to strengthen and help these people come unto Christ.
     I love this work and love being a missionary it is so great and I am so glad to be able to watch this historic even unfold.  We are swimming deep but it is so sweet and so excellent to be here and to serve at this time.  I studied this past week about the savior and his arms of love and how no matter afraid you may be or whatever trial his arms are always out stretched and it matters not how far you are you can never be where he can’t reach you and I know with all the new missionaries he will use them as his arms to reach them wherever they may be and I love it.  I love y'all and will talk to you next week be good and be safe and thanks for your love and prayers.
Love Sister Bronwing

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