Happy St. Patrick's Day and Day Light Savings!

Well this week has been oh so great. We started off by getting a new car which was very nice.  We have met so many cool people that can only be miracle from Heavenly Father.  the first is Lisa Baker she is a less active and we decided to go and visit her and when we got there she was talking to us through a window trying to tell us to leave but I did not want to leave because I thought she can come and open the door and tell us and second of all it was extremely windy and the house was a great wind block.  Eventually she came to the door and started to talk with us and she told us of all the things that happened and she just felt the spirit and completely changed we were only able to share a quick but powerful thought and leave but she is so sweet and her mom is not a member was very sweet as well and it was very cool to be the instrument at that time for them.  The second person is Anissa we met her while looking for a less active member and she is very special and sweet she had memegitus when she was five and so mentally she struggles but we met her and her very protective brothers and they were so sweet and knew who we were and what we did and asked us to keep visiting her and so we are and she is so funny and kind I love her already and am excited to have met her.  The third and fourth person is Thomas and his daughter Caroline who is 13 they are so awesome we found them looking for a less active and the great part is that they are looking for a church and then we come and they are interested and want to come to church especially Caroline who loves us and is always anxiously waiting for us to come on the day of our appointment Caroline has decided to be baptized on the 30th of Mar she is excited and Thomas will get there he has some issues with Joseph Smith but I feel we can work them out.  We are having another No More Strangers Fireside tomorrow and a lot of our investigators are planning on coming including Thomas and Caroline I know it will only confirm to them that this church is true. 
I have learned a lot about service and the importance that we all need to serve no matter what or who it is because that is what the Savior did all his life it was never about him he never thought about himself he just worked and served so many that needed him and even though he is physically not here we have the responsibility to be his hands.  This is something I am working on it is easy as a missionary to lose focus and get distracted and so I am going to be more focused and enjoy the now of my mission not the past or the future but the now and right now I am so happy and would not want to be anywhere else.  I love y'all and thank you for your love and prayers and I will talk to you next week. Happy St Patrick’s Day
love Sister Browning

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