Hey ya'll

Man what a crazy week sorry about last week and not emailing but what happened was our mission is doing a big lift and last Monday was our areas turn to be lifted up and so we spent the day preparing for it.  It was awesome and really helpful.  To end the big lift we had a no more stranger’s fireside with our president and investigators and we had one less active come Walter Nesbit who needed the message and is working on coming back to church.  it was pretty sweet.   KK had to unexpectantly move to Florence but she still loves the gospel and wants to be baptized and she is still working towards that.  On Friday we were on lock down all day due to an ice storm which was interesting I was so amazed at how ice could be built up that fast and people laugh when I tell them of how impressed I was and they say that this storm was nothing compared to what it could have been.  It was a good day we relaxed and watched movies and cleaned our apartment. It was so cold that day that it was unbearable to go outside and be out more than a few minutes before you felt like you were going to turned into a popsicle.  On Sunday Walter Nesbit came to church and stayed for only sacrament meeting but it is a start.  I love you all and thank you for your love and support and I hope you have a great week

Love Sister Browning

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