Man oh man what a crazy week full of mixed emotions.  First of all this Wed. is transfers and me and my companion are being split up which is sad because I have loved serving with her and will miss her terribly she only has a short time here before she goes back to Nauvoo which is where her actual mission is and our time together is short very short.  But on the flip side I have been asked to train a brand new missionary who is nineteen twenty or 21 and I am so excited me. It is a big responsibility because time is short and these missionaries are part of the big plan to get things rolling and I have been asked to help get one of them started pretty crazy how Heavenly Father trusts us to carry out his work.  Things are changing and different this next transfer we are losing a week so instead of a 6 week transfer we have a 5 week transfer to help get things in sync.  I am loving this tsunami the wave has been building up and it is about to crash and I feel so great and lucky to see it happen from this point of view.  It sounds like the tsunami from y'alls point of view. They are splitting our area and now we are getting a set of elders in our ward and I am excited because there is so much work to do and I am more than willing to share it.

This week we have worked hard and have seen so many miracles from our desire to work hard and be obedient.  On Wed my companion was really sick but on Tuesday we had a meeting that really motivated us to want to work hard so we prayed we would be able to work that day she was sick and so we went out with faith knowing it would be a great day and boy it was.  We received a phone call from a member sister Brown who told us of a friend who met with missionaries before but did not want to be baptized so she stopped taking the lessons but then as time went on she was never able to find a church that made her feel as good as the church did so she decided that she wants to be baptized into the church because she knows it is true.  We then had a follow up appointment with a lead who told us that she was looking for a good church with good youth for her daughter and she was happy when we taught about the young women's program. I love this area and so happy I am staying for another three months.  I love being a missionary.

So funny story on Tuesday at our meeting we were getting ready to leave and I had to use the bathroom so I found the restroom and went in while my companion waited out side it did not take me long to find out that I was in the boys bathroom thankfully no one was in there and it was just my companion  out in the hall way so only she knew but I just walked out and went to the right bathroom sister p just laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed some more that she could not talk to anyone I had a good laugh too and was grateful no one else.

That is my week great things are happening and it is a great time I am so happy and did I mention I love being a missionary it is the best thing I ever could have done I feel so much closer to my heavenly father and savior and have a greater love for my family and friends and I know that we will all be together. thank you all for your love and support  it is greatly appreciated and all of your prayers are felt I will not email next Monday because of the holiday but I will email.

I love you all
Till next week love Sister Erica Browning
p.s. pictures are just random from the zoo and day of the ice storm when we  were on lock down

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