The Sense of Humor Heavenly Father has!

So I have come to realize how funny Heavenly Father is! This week has been so great.
So why is Heavenly Father so funny I will tell you so, this past week I was struggling waking up and being awake in the morning so  I prayed to Heavenly Father and asked him to help me wake up and be alert in the mornings. So the next morning I wake up and go to kneel to pray and kneel right on the corner of my bed and scraped my knee! It hurt but did not do any damage but I was sure awake after that!  Then just this morning while my companion and I were walking we decided to go up to a nearby stop sign and we felt impressed to go and so we did and just as we got to the sign we heard a rustling in the woods nearby and we both got scared and hid thinking something was going to attack us but then a huge possum comes out of the forest like he owns the place! We laughed at how scared we must have looked and how weird people who were driving by must have thought we were.  Pretty Funny I know it is only Heavenly Father and nothing is ever odd he gives us moment to have fun and to laugh and look weird and that is what I love about my mission is all the laughing he has given me.  What is a mission if you can’t have fun and be spiritual?  Conference was great, as I was listening to President Monson the spirit just came to me and I knew he was a prophet and that he was called of God and that what he said is what Heavenly Father wanted.  The sky is very blue today so the gospel must be true and I know it is.  I love y'all and happy spring.
Till Next time Sister Erica Browning

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