Happy Presidents Day!

Happy Presidents day everyone I hope it is happy and well.  Things in Grrrr are great! So get this on Saturday we were leaving a less actives house and we were driving and my companion said I think it is snowing and well she is new to South Carolina so I thought she was just seeing things but then I realized she was right and it was snowing I could not believe it. The last time Greer had snow  it has been five years but I had fun in it for a few minutes and took pictures.  My new companion is Sister Canaan she is from the central coast of California and she is great and I am so excited to be with her.  We have a few investigators right now Ashley is struggling right now in finding out if the church is true and she has word of wisdom issues that she is really struggling with right now.  Yesterday we did not have any investigators at church but a less active came Walter Nezbit who has been coming for two weeks now and he is doing so great and coming back to church and wants to change so that is great to see him happy and coming to church. I love being a missionary it is the best thing anyone can do seriously. Just a heads up next Monday Elder Nash is coming to our mission so I will be emailing on Tuesday and not Monday due to the conference. but  I am so glad to be a missionary and so glad to be here enjoy your weeks and be safe and warm.
till next time
Sister Browning

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