Sadly Leaving!

I can not believe it I am finally leaving Greer and I am not going to lie it is hard it is tough and it is scary especially since I will not only be training but opening a new area.  I am excited and nervous and scared and sad about every emotion that can be possible I have felt it but most of all I am more than ever grateful.  I am grateful that I could be here for so long  7 1/2 months to be exact which is long on a mission,  I am grateful for great members I love these people so much and they have changed my life by showing me how the savior would live and how he is by watching them, I am grateful for a wonderful mission President who knows me and knows what I need by revelation to the lord and he has given me everything I needed not necessarily what I always wanted but always what I needed, I am grateful especially for the savior yesterday on our way home for the night I was thinking of what I accomplished what I did not accomplish and the greatest feeling of peace came to me and a sense of gratitude came to me and I did not understand why the savior was so grateful for me being here but I know he was and apparently I did do something right and it is the sweetest feeling I could have as I prepare to leave so many great things he has given me.  Sister miller is now training too and she will do great she is going to take all the sin out of grrr one person at a time she is well prepared and well loved these people are going to attach to her and the new sister.  Well I will keep this short but I love ya'll and have a great week and thanks for the prayers and such.
Love Sister Browning

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